We always try to present ourselves as inspiration to travel Myanmar and regularly giving travel information of Myanmar to our valuable guest. There are a lot of useful tips for travelers and this time; we choose to review about five foods to eat in Myanmar. Where to eat and what to eat is important criteria for careful while traveling to Myanmar and we wish our guidelines will help to shine our guests’ memories.

1.La Phat Thoke (Tea Leaf Salad)

la phat thoke

La Phat Thoke

Ever since old days, tea leaf salad is served as welcoming food for the visitors in every home. Tea Leaf Salad can be snack, appetizer or eaten with rice as a side dish. It is usually mixed with fermented tea leaves, chopped cabbage, tomatoes, dried shrimp, nuts and peas filled with little oil and few slices of spicy chili.Topping with lime is your choice to add more sour taste. We prefer this salad as the must-to-try food in Myanmar. We eat tea leaf salad in different version sour, salty and spicy taste.

2.Mohinga (Burmese Fish Soup)



During the time you travel to Myanmar or taste Myanmar Food, Mohinga is the best and suitable food to eat. It can be remarked as the national dish as Myanmar people mainly eat Mohinga in day and evening time. It is savory fish soup with round rice noodles and supplemented with the crunchy plantain bud and pith of the banana stem.We can choose one or more toppings, and choice of toppings are various kinds of akyaw (crispy deep-fried vegetables and peas), sliced of fish cake and sliced of hard-boiled egg. Local people usually seasoned with a squeeze of lime and flakes of dried chili together with some coriander leaves to taste perfect. Beware of the cleanliness of foods and its ingredients.

A lovely tradition while eating Mohinga from the vendors is the customer request a little more spoon of soup as an additional service.

3.Shan Hta Min Chin (Shan-style Rice)

shan hta min chin

Shan Hta Min Chin

Shan ethnic is one of the major ethnic groups of Myanmar, and it is famous for its unique style of living and food. Most of the Shan villages are situated in remote location and difficulty to access so that their lifestyle is different from the mainland as well as its food. Let’s move onto the Shan Hta Min Chin. The main ingredient of Shan-style rice is tomato rice and boiled fish. The dish is mainly made up of cooked rice mixed with turmeric and tomato and squashed into a round shape with a topping of flakes of freshwater fish and garlic oil. Deep-fried pork rind is the best companion of Shan Hta Min Chin, and other toppings are Indian leek, leek roots, and raw garlic. Shan people usually eat this meal during the lunchtime as well as in dinner. Whilst you ever visit Inle Lake, do not forget to try the authentic Shan rice.

4.Nangyi Thoke (Rice Noodle Salad)

nangyi thoke

Nangyi Thoke

Nangyi Thoke becomes tea shop food nowadays as it is easy-to-make food. Its origin is from Mandalay Region and can be called rice noodle salad. The noodle is usually available in three different sized whereas, NanGyi (Big Size), NanLatt (Medium Size) and NanPyarr (Flat Shape). Most of the people love to eat NanLatt and NanPyarr in the breakfast and in tea time. It is served with chicken pieces, slices of fish cake and hard-boiled egg with a bowl of broth.  The essential part of nangyi thoke is seasoning with roasted chickpea flour, turmeric, and chili oil.

5.Shwe Yin Aye (Cool Dessert)

shwe yin aye

Shwe Yin Aye

Shwe Yin Aye is a coconut cream-based dessert combined with cendol, sago, agar jelly, liquid sugar, tinned evaporated milk, sticky rice, ice cube, and bread. These ingredients are put proportionally together to be delectable dessert, and it usually served as a snack during the day. Local residents are waiting to eat this dessert from the vendors, especially on hot days.Eat these rich, healthy, delicious meals and desserts and immerse yourself as local. We believe our suggestions will help the travelers on their choice of food during the trip to Myanmar.