When planning a holiday to Myanmar, one of the things you might be considering is the best way to get around. In particular, you might be wondering whether to travel independently, as part of a shared group, or on your own private tour.

Each of these travel styles has its own merits, however, we think there are many great reasons to choose a private tour of Myanmar. Therefore, in this article, we’ll be focusing in on why you should choose a Myanmar private tour.

Benefits of a Myanmar private tour

There are many reasons why we think that a private tour of Myanmar can make sure that your holiday is absolutely magical. Let’s consider some of them in more detail.

1. Peace of Mind

We all know there are things that can go wrong while traveling and put a dampener on your overall experience. Perhaps arriving to find out your “must see” attraction is closed, or a late bus that causes a missed connection. It is always difficult arranging a multi-day adventure, let alone when you aren’t familiar with the geography, customs or language! Plus, even if nothing goes wrong, logistics still can take up a lot of the time when you could simply be enjoying the experience.

By contrast, local tour operators are experts in creating perfect experiences in Myanmar and can ensure that you have an amazing time, with no worry at all. You’ll know that you have an experienced and professional time behind you take care of everything that needs attention before, during and even after your trip. You can simply leave the logistics to experts such as Pro Niti Travel, and focus on the most important thing: having an amazing, and enriching, time in Myanmar.

2. Expert guide (Our Chief Experience Creators) 

One of the main benefits of a private tour in Myanmar is that you will have an experienced and passionate Chief Experience Creators (tour guide) leading you. Without a Chief Experience Creators (tour guide) at all, you are likely to miss much of the background and context of the gems of Myanmar. By contrast, a great Chief Experience Creators (tour guide) can help to unravel the secrets of Myanmar, explaining the significance of the beautiful buildings and sites, and sharing information about the country’s culture and customs.

Myanmar Private Tours

Plus, as the tour is private, you will feel free and comfortable to ask any questions you may have, which you might not feel with a shared group. There’s no need to worry about slowing down the group, or looking silly!

In addition, your Chief Experience Creators (tour guide) will be able to find out all about your interests, and give you extra information that may be of particular interest to you, but not a big group. For example, if you’re interested in history, your guide can go into more detail about that specifically.

3. Flexibility

One of the biggest benefits of a Myanmar private tour over a shared tour is that you will have more flexibility over your itinerary, and movements in Myanmar. From the moment you first contact Pro Niti Travel about a possible private tour, we work with you to find an itinerary that suits your interests, budget, and timeframe.

We have designed many great itineraries that we believe showcase the best of Myanmar, but we can also work to tailor part or all of your tour to your unique requirements. The possibilities are endless, and we love designing itineraries that will delight our guests.

Once in Myanmar, another benefit of a private tour over a shared tour is flexibility once the tour is underway. For example, we can stop to drop in at a little souvenir shop that caught your eye, or stay a bit longer at a destination if you’re really loving it. It might also mean choosing to dine at a tiny little local gem, rather than a chain – whatever you’d like, we will do our best to make it happen.

4. Efficient Use of Time

With a private tour, you will be able to make the most of your time in Myanmar. If you try to travel independently, you may end up losing a lot of time trying to navigate transport options or find your way around attractions. On the other hand, on a shared tour, you might need to spend some of the time at places you’d prefer not to be, or perhaps waiting for everyone to get back to the meeting spot!

Happy tourists having a good time at Bagan, Myanmar

Happy tourists having a good time at Bagan, Myanmar

On the other hand, a private tour is a very efficient use of time. Our guides are experts in planning trips around Myanmar, so they know the fastest and easiest ways to get around places and what to show you. Plus, since the tour is private, you will never need to wait around for anyone else – if you finish up at a site a bit early, we can move on to the next amazing adventure.

5. Local Knowledge

A private tour is like having a local friend who is able to show you all of Myanmar’s best attractions. After all, nobody knows a country like a local! Without a guide, you are on your own trying to find the best places to go, eat and see, meaning you might miss something amazing. Of course, tour guides know all of the most famous and beautiful attractions, but they also know the hidden gems that are not in any guidebooks.

A guide can also help you with any practical questions you might have, such as what to wear to certain places or what local customs to be aware of.

In addition, a private tour guide can help you to connect more deeply with local people and communities, for example on our Loikaw tour. As they speak the language and understand the culture, they can help you to authentically connect with the people of Myanmar in a way that is difficult without a local.

6. Privacy

While traveling as a part of a larger group can be an enjoyable experience, you may prefer the privacy of a private tour. Unfortunately, sometimes you might not get along with everyone on a shared tour, or you might just prefer to have a little bit more space and quiet for your tour of Myanmar.

With a private tour, it will only be you and perhaps your family and friends on the tour. This means you are free to sit back, relax and enjoy not only an amazing adventure in Myanmar but make great memories together as well. Whether you choose a private tour for your honeymoon, family holiday or just a memorable trip together, you are sure to look back on the memories for years to come.

Final thoughts on private tours of Myanmar

There are a number of different ways to travel through amazing Myanmar, however, we believe that a Myanmar private tour is a great option for many different people. As you’ve seen above, a private tour gives you the flexibility to explore Myanmar and see the things that you want to see, diving deeply into the history and culture of this amazing country.

Plus, with a private tour, you will be able to make the absolute most of your time in Myanmar and use your days efficiently! Whether you are on your own or visiting as a couple or larger group, your private tour in Myanmar is bound to be a memory you will always treasure.

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