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Our Story

Min Than Htut, the founder of the Pro Niti Travel, has been working in the hospitality and tourism industry as a bellboy, waiter, receptionist, tourist guide and freelance ground-handler. He found out that travelers are visiting only the most popular destinations and sites, although there are a lot of untouched, beautiful and less crowded places around Myanmar.


Everyone deserves what they want and should have great memories which they can enjoy all the time whenever they think. Moreover, he also believes that tourism can create jobs for the local communities and help their economy, social welfare, and ecology.


So, Pro Niti Travel is established to create treasured memories for the travelers by taking to the beyond-the-obvious places to experience authentic adventure. We dedicated to creating jobs for the local communities so that they can have better social wellbeing.

Why choose us?

Why Travel Myanmar With Pro Niti?

Why? Because we are awesome, and we really have a passion for helping our foreign guests to travel around Myanmar while creating treasured memories.
We can come up with a list of 101 reasons why our guests choose Pro Niti Travel. Let’s look at just a few of them:

Beyond-the-obvious adventures

Beyond-the-obvious adventures

For your real adventure, we focus on innovation in our creation of travel adventures and itineraries. We don't believe in following-the-crowd even though we do make sure our guests also experience the classic destinations that made Myanmar such a sought after country among travelers. We often introduce new tours to off-the-beaten-track destinations and unexplored beyond-the-obvious locations. That's a real adventure!

Ethical travel and authentic experiences

Ethical travel and authentic experiences

We appreciate the travelers, like you, who do support and commit to ethical travel. Myanmar is still at the inauguration stage of tourism, with many communities never been exposed to foreign visitors. It is essential to introduce these communities to the positive impact of tourism carefully. Pro Niti is sensitive to this process and is committed to leaving a positive impact wherever we travel. Our company also determines an ongoing contribution to the Pro Niti Impacts. We are currently an Engaged-Member of Travelife where sustainable tourism practices are encouraged, and we were awarded certification.

Travel with confident and peace-of-mind

Travel with confident and peace-of-mind

Since the planning stage, your travel consultants will help you find out the best matches of your interests, budget, and activities you like to experience. Our travel consultant will also assist you along with the necessary arrangements. Before, during, and even after your trip, your dedicated travel consultant will keep in touch to help you with whatever you need. So, you can fully enjoy your trip with confident and peace-of-mind.

Your chief memories creators are fantastic

Your chief memories creators are fantastic

Your trip will be companied by our selected and well-trained local Chief Memories Creators. They are passionate about their countries, people, and traveling. Every Chief Memories Creators hold the official licenses, excellence in language and local knowledge, fun. They will tailor the stories of your trip with rich of history and culture insights and let you immerse in local culture for your lifetime travel memories in Myanmar.

Communities' social wellbeing

Communities' social wellbeing

Our team, our guests, and our beautiful country are our most valuable assets. We are committed to protecting all people, animals, plants, and places so dear to our hearts. As one of our mission: to create jobs for locals and empower their economies, we make sure your money is well spent in the locally-owned businesses as much as possible, and locals are in the heart of our tour operations.

Excellent world-class services

Excellent world-class services

Your trip is in the hand of a dedicated and passionate trip designer. Pro Nit Travel is awarded "Hall Of Fame" by TripAdvisor, we are excellent, so they assigned us "Certificate of Excellence" for five consecutive years. We are so proud to be so unique! Since 2014, an independent research consultant has been conducting a continuous guest satisfaction survey for Pro Niti. The latest report shows that 96% of our past guests are either Satisfied or Very Satisfied with our services!

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Our values: The ways we work

Our "Culture Code"
"Pro" is our short form for Professionalism while "Niti" is the Pali-language word for Ethics or Ethical. So, our company's name means "Professional Ethics". In fact, there are specific values in each character of the company's name. These are our values and our guidance in our daily work!

Pro Niti

We believe in Professionalism, we are Positive, and we count on the best Performance by each of our team members.


We strive to be Rapid and Responsive. We also Respect our team members, our partners, our guests, and the environments where we lead our tours.


We Obsess our guests and we strive for 100% satisfaction of our guests whenever they book with us.


We love to Negotiate with our suppliers to provide the best value for money to our guests.


We are an Innovative company in every aspect. We constantly create new experiences for our guests, and always strive to do things better than before.


Our guest satisfaction surveys indicate we are well recognised for our Trustworthiness.


We pride ourselves in the high levels of honesty and Integrity in everything we do.


Min’s Mission

“Let our successes be the inspirations for others. Let’s try to be our better version every single day to make the better world we like to live in and for our future generation.”

Mr. Min Than Htut
Founder at Pro Niti


Pro Niti Impacts

Pro Niti Impact - Community Development Programm

As part of Our Commitment to Sustainable Tourism, Pro Niti Travel supports the notion of “Travel with a Cause”, where travelers and travel operators work together in unison to positively and meaningfully impact the lives of the local communities we visit and photograph. In addition to our guidelines stipulated in our support of sustainable tourism, our company also supports selected community development programmes. As we know this is a philanthropic aspiration for many people, we actively encourage our guests and all travelers to lend their support.

As of January 2018, Pro Niti Travel contributes US$5 (out of our profits from every guest booked) towards the Pro Niti CDP. We also offer our guests the opportunity to contribute a personal donation, of any size, towards this programme when booking their tour with us. This is entirely optional, and by default on the booking form, this option is non-selected.

The communities our guests visit offer incredible opportunities for cultural exchanges, not to mention the incredible opportunities for taking photos and making new friends. However, many of these communities, in particular, the more remote-living people such as the hill tribes, seriously lack in basic needs such as clean water, sanitation, medical, and educational facilities. The needs of these people vary according to each community, so funding will be allocated based on the more dire needs.

Pro Niti Travel recently launched our Keng Tung Hill Tribe Tours in Myanmar’s Shan State near the borders of Thailand, Laos, and China’s Yunnan province. Known for the incredibly friendly and hospitable hill tribes such as the Wa, Wa Ann, Ann, Akha, Akhu and the Lahu-shi people, to name just a few, much of this area lacks many basic services. In our effort to reciprocate the hospitality of these people and their welcoming of visiting travelers, our programme will initially focus on the development of their critical lack of proper health and education needs. We are currently assessing the most critical areas of development and details will be posted here in due course.

In tandem with addressing the needs of the hill tribes of the Shan State, we will also focus on the communities our guests often visit in Chin State. This region is most well known for the imposing Mount Victoria (3,053 m) locally known as Nat-Ma-Taung, and the surrounding Mountain Victoria Nature Park. Chin State is popular among travelers who come here to meet the unique Chin hill tribes to learn about their lives as hunters. Similar to the hill tribes of the Shan State, the friendly Chin people lack many basic facilities.

Pro Niti advocates total transparency. Every December we will post an update on this page detailing our progress, both in terms of our development support as well as be providing access to the financial statements of our development programmes.

Please join us. Either visit Myanmar or donate to our programme or both!

Hope to see you soon.

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