So far mentioned in each travel blog about Myanmar, everyone visited Myanmar love the country. One of the reasons is it’s beautiful and unspoiled beaches. Although all travelers have different purposes to visit our country, most are not just visiting and exploring the places in each city but for recreation and relaxation in the beaches. In our beautiful country, there are only three main beaches (Chaung Thar, NgweSaung and Ngapali) and Mergui Archipelagos where we can catch the fresh air and get to the area of sand and rocks next to the sea.

How do you think where you should relax for your last days of the trip if you need a carefree relaxation to rejuvenate both your physical and mental after adventure trip? In our opinion, we should end our trip at beautiful beaches of a country we visit; laying on white sand under a clear blue sky in the beautiful tanned skin, adding sweet memories and unforgettable great experiences and thus our travel notebooks would be fantastic.

Chaung Tha Beach

Chaung Thar is located in Ayeyarwady Region and it is a local friendly beach and more crowded than other beaches. But, if you are searching for the beach with local exposure at low-cost budget, Chaung Tha beach is a good option for you. Moreover, it is in the west of Yangon Region and easily accessible as you can reach by private car with your own groups or by local bus lines for 5 hr drive.

Well, let’s go deeper into the facts about hotels and restaurants. Numerous hotels are operating and so you can have different options depending on your price list. Every hotel is full of hospitality and value for money. If you are a seafood lover, this beach is a paradise for you since there are many restaurants where you can try various types of local food after strolling around the shore. Various types of fish products are available at the dry fish shop and can be bought from the vendors.

Fortunately, Chaung Tha beach is accessible all year round and so it will always welcome you even if you come and visit in rainy season.

chaung thar beach

Chaung Thar Beach, Myanmar

 Ngwe Saung Beach

Ngwe Saung is one of the finest beaches and second closest one from Yangon. Because it is located just 48km west of Pathein, Ayeyarwady Region and it needs 5 hours drive to be there. Besides, it is more popular than Chaung Tha Beach and all of the local people and some visitors can be seen for their long holidays.

Also, silvery sand and modern amenities have made the beach a popular place for tourists and local people. The accommodations and restaurants where you may reach are all comfortable and the price is reasonable as well. So you can have your own decision about what you are expecting to do and where you should relax.

Despite not many things to do in Ngwe Saung, something different is still available there such as Bird watching, visit Elephant camp, an excursion to the nearby islands, doing aquatic activities and grabbing the new experiences by keeping in touch with the local villagers. If you are a bird watcher, get a bird watching experiences in the surrounding areas of the beach. Or if you are fond of riding elephant, ask the hotel to arrange an elephant ride for you to enjoy the adventure moments by riding an elephant along the small stream across the jungle.  As aquatic activities, you will have great chance to enjoy snorkeling, diving and so on. Going to the villages to interact with the local people and stay overnight there will be a chance to create as a part of your meaningful trip.

It is, no doubt, one fine beach for all visitors whether you are considering for lower cost or luxurious one although NgweSaung still needs to be developed. Both Chaungtha and NgweSaung actually stand for its own reputation. This Bay of Bengal package will let you feel great and relax.

ngwe saung beach

Ngwe Saung Beach, Myanmar

Ngapali Beach

This one, Ngapali Beach, is a very popular beach destination among tourists as it was recognized as the best and most clean beach in Asia by travelers. It is located in Rakhine State, the western part of Myanmar. It is easily reachable by flight to Thandwe (Sandoway) airport; Thandwe is a small sea port town, which is just 7 kilometers (4 miles) away from Ngapali Beach. Although transportation by car is available, it will take about one and a half day (to/from) between the beach and Yangon. Thus, most travelers prefer to use flight if they want to minimize the time for their tiredness. Ones who love to spend their leisure in an easy, quiet and peaceful place shouldn’t miss this beach because it is regarded as ‘a touch of paradise’.

Next, you don’t need too much time to consider for hotel choices. There are various categories of hotel ranges start from fair guesthouses to luxurious hotels with spas and resorts.  After the hotel option, how are your meals? There are seafood restaurants scattered along the shore offering cheap and delicious fresh seafood daily. If you are a book lover and are not in the mood to read in your hotel room, you can go and chill by reading at cozy and quiet cafes nearby your hotel.

As Ngapali Beach lies on the coast of Rakhine State where there is a lot of rain, travelers should avoid going there in rainy season. So, don’t forget to take into account for choosing the dates and travel period because hotels at Ngapali beach mostly run from October to April. But even it is in the operating period, there are many activities available and so you can enjoy a variety of aquatic activities, for example, snorkeling and kayaking at Pearl Island, scuba diving and swimming in clear blue water of the sea. Sometimes, you can experience the differences of the ballooning over the sea by Oriental Ballooning, nearby 9-hole golf course. Apart from them, you can rent motorbike or bicycle to stroll around the local fishing village of Lon Tha.

This beach is well known as private beach due to its remote area with clear greenish-blue sea, fine and dry silvery sand. Thus, there is no doubt that these unspoiled natural elements make Ngapali more divine and that’s what marks it as the apple of the tourists. Check out our recommended package for Ngapli Beach tour.

ngapali beach

Ngapli Beach, Myanmar

Kan Thar Yar Beach

Kan Thar Yar Beach is a far less developed and less crowded beach located in Rakhine Coast. It is about 125miles from Yangon and just 64 miles south of Ngapali Beach. It is an unexplored virgin beach by tourists and most travelers.

Kan Thar Yar is accessible by car which is the most convenient way. And if you travel by private car with your own group, the total driving time will last about 6.30 hrs by passing the green fields, rice field, and pleasant villages along the way. After passing through a bendy country road alongside of the coast, you can see the beautiful blue ocean and white sandy shore, which gives you the refreshment with the cool breeze of the sea. If you are an adventurer and seeking for different types of transport to get a great experience of your life, you can also try an alternative way; you can fly firstly to Thandwe and relax at Ngapali Beach, then hire a private car for a 3hrs drive to Kan Thar Yar. Vice Versa, you can hire a car from Yangon to Kan Thar Yar, then connect to Ngapali and return Yangon by flight. What a fantastic and exciting route!

Well, as Kan Thar Yar is still a virgin beach for foreigners, there aren’t many choices for accommodation. There are only local guesthouses and simple bungalows with coconut trees around. For meals, you can stroll around the village by bike and can taste the true Arakanese local cuisine (spicy and hot mostly). Though it hasn’t many amenities, it won’t disappoint you as you can really get exposure with the local by learning their ways of living and can have a relaxing leisure with no crowd.

Nowadays, Kan Thar Yar is becoming popular for its individual beauty and appreciated as a peaceful heaven. So, you should hunt for that if you want to escape from a crowded area and urban. It will definitely tease you with its secret beauty and let you experience many adventures.


food at beach

Food at Myanmar Beach

Actually, the beach is really just to relax under a palm tree and go swimming occasionally. Unless you are keen to do, you can try such activities as riding a banana boat at the sea, riding the horses or bicycles on the shore, driving four-wheeled beach motorcycle, driving to the surrounding of the village by local bike or motorcycle to interact with the locals in the daytime. At night, making a campfire, spending the beautiful night with your friends by playing guitar, counting the stars with your beloved ones will make you unforgettable trip memories.

At the end of the leisure, it is sure that you want to bring some presents for your friends or family. So you can go and buy small handicrafts, hand-made things, and fancy souvenirs. The sceneries of the beaches are not to be missed and you should likely be the ones in the above-mentioned beaches for your beautiful memories. Now, we hope that you have one thought of visiting our country with the beach extension.

Thinking and planning to travel Myanmar, our travel experts are ready to assist you, just get in touch with us now.