What are you going to do when you visit a country? You will try its best things, experience the different and exciting culture, adventure and feel the nature of it, get exposure with the people and interact with the locals, taste the local food and cuisine, and creating sweet memories in your travel diary. Right?

If you are thinking of having a great and fun time in Myanmar, we would like to tell you what things are the best try in our country. Well, there are 6Bs to do in Myanmar.

Ballooning in Myanmar

By doing the hot air balloon tour Bagan, feel the adventure and enjoy the breathtaking view of ancient Bagan city. The diversity of various Bagan temples and stupas below you with the bird’s eye view of mother Ayeyarwady River, the lifeblood of Myanmar, to the west and mountains to the east are all unforgettable things for you. While flying, you will have your own pilot, plus, you will be escorted and treated as royal. You will witness that the glorious and magnificent Bagan reveals its secret as she gradually meets the sun. Moreover, you can catch a glimpse of an extinct volcano, Mt.Popa, from afar. So, capture the best moment in life by Ballooning over Bagan. We promise you will be amazed by the beauty with true pleasure. Book now for ballooning in Myanmar.

ballooning over bagan

Ballooning over Bagan, Myanmar

Biking in Myanmar

If you are a sporty one, biking tour in Myanmar is one popular activity you should try. By biking around in central Myanmar (Bagan, Popa, and Mandalay), eastern hilly region (Inle Lake, Kalaw), the western part of Myanmar (Arakanese land, Mrauk U) and the main commercial city (Yangon), you can experience the rhythms of local life. It is also easily accessible to the narrow tracks between hectic cities and tranquil villages and quarters and then leads you to off the beaten tracks. Well, let’s find out how the biking tour will carry our mind going the extra mile.

biking around in myanmar

Biking in Myanmar – (C) Youtube

Bird watching in Myanmar

Myanmar is recognized as the frontier of global biodiversity in Asia. Myanmar enriches in various diversity like flowering plants, many species of orchids, butterflies, and birds. Nowadays, the local bird watching scenes are developing and we can try bird watching activities at Hlawga Wildlife National Park in Yangon, Moe Yun GyiWildlife Sanctuary and Wetlands Resort in Bago Region, endemic birds’ exploration in Chin Hills (Mt.Victoria), Hukaung Valley and Putao in Kachin State. If you want to do free and easy birding tour, you can also try as a light activity in your normal tour while you are in Kalaw, Inle Lake, Bagan, and Ayeyarwaddy Region. So, be a birdwatcher for a while when you are traveling in Myanmar and feel the true nature of it. We guarantee you will get a lot of valuable experience and knowledge with friendly escorted station local guides.

birdwatching in northern myanmar

Birdwatching in northern Myanmar – Photo credit – Myanmar birdwatching

Beaches in Myanmar

Are you thinking of sailing holidays with exciting beach activities and yachts? Well, two thousands kilometers of Myanmar coastline is your next beach checkpoint. Many of Myanmar beaches are unspoiled and undiscovered. The on tap beautiful beaches along the shore of the Bay of Bengal and the Andaman Sea are Ngapali Beach (one of the most beautiful one in South East Asia), NgweSaungBeach, and Mergui Archipelagos; promising you the beautiful sunsets. If you are an adventurer, you can also do snorkeling, diving, scuba diving, swimming, sailing, building sand castles with families, napping in the sun, and so on. Thus, don’t think twice and spend your leisure time by sipping coconuts on the pristine white sands. Cross my heart, Myanmar beaches are the best dots to connect your travel diaries.

ngapali beach myanmar

Ngapli Beach Myanmar

Myanmar Beer

Have you experienced the taste of Myanmar Beer? Myanmar Beer is a local brand and a good one to try while you are in here as well. Enjoying the night life with a grab of Myanmar beer, or relaxing in your cozy hotel room or restaurant will give you a sensation of being in Myanmar. And sipping Myanmar beer makes you feel like a local. So, grab Myanmar beer and have a toast with local!

myanmar beer

Myanmar Beer

Myanmar Betel Nuts

The last one that you should try is chewing betel nuts. It is just to feel the strange way of our local people life and it has been in Myanmar for hundreds of years. Betel leaf is used as a wrapper for the chewing the added flavor things with its peppery taste. Besides, it is only cultivated in South and Southeast Asia. The taste is a bit sour and grassy. What is more, it has the pros and cons. One of the pros of chewing betel nuts is that while you are chewing the betel nuts, your concentration is much better than the normal time. The con is that you will feel dizzy if you add too many flavors at your first time. So what if you stop in one of the stalls at the local market and ask the vendor for betel nut!

myanmar betel nuts

Myanmar Betel nuts credit: The Internet

Well, well, well, Myanmar will never disappoint you and we bet you won’t regret choosing Myanmar to visit. So, do not hesitate to book the flights and try one of these by creating your adventure travel in Myanmar.

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