Being at the southernmost point of Myanmar, Kawthaung is an important trading point in the country. It welcomes many visitors every day who make the 20-minute journey across the water from the neighboring city Ranong on the Thai border. Here they can do a great amount of sightseeing and shopping. Despite being a great location by the waterside the town itself is not as impressive, however, it is still very interesting and has a great culture to explore including a strong Indian and Muslim presence. Just like many other towns in Myanmar Kawthaung offers some great views of the sea and surrounding area from the varied Pagodas on the hilltop. The Pyi Daw Aye pagoda is closer to the town center and actually has shops at its entrance. There are also now day trip cruises to the vast Myeik Archipelago that set off from Kawthaung so, one of these might be a good option if you want to witness something beautiful. However, a great alternative to this is the Palane Tone Tone Island just 5 km north of Kawthaung. You will find here a pleasant sandy beach with a procession of simple seafood restaurants up the beach. There is also an impressive wooden bridge to get across to it so make sure you take your camera with you to get some stunning shots. A motorbike is probably the best way to get there being cheaper than a taxi and giving you more flexibility with your time. If you have a little more time and do not mind traveling around 40 km north of the town, then you will find the perfect Waterfall named Maliwun Waterfall. It is the perfect spot to enjoy a swim and with children, it is even better, with a waterpark containing slides that will entertain the younger ones.