Are you looking for a unique and exciting travel destination? Look no further than Ayutthaya, Thailand’s ancient capital city located just minutes away from Bangkok. Ayutthaya is home to some of the most amazing historical sites in all of Southeast Asia. From its stunning temples to its impressive ruins, this city is sure to captivate your imagination and leave you wanting more. 

Ayutthaya was once one of the largest cities in Southeast Asia during its heyday between 1350-1767 AD when it served as the second capital of Siam (Thailand). During this time period, it became an important hub for trade with China, India, Japan, and other countries around the world due to its strategic location on major trading routes such as The Silk Road. Today visitors can explore many well-preserved monuments that remain from this golden age including Wat Phra Si Sanphet – a beautiful temple complex that used to be part of royal palace grounds – or Wat Chaiwatthanaram – another large temple complex that features several towering stupas along with statues depicting scenes from Buddhist mythology. There are also plenty of shopping opportunities available at local markets where visitors can find everything from handmade souvenirs like wooden figurines or lacquerware trinkets, to traditional Thai snacks like mango sticky rice or freshly cooked Pad Thai noodles. 

 So why should you visit Ayutthaya while traveling through Bangkok? Well firstly there’s no better way to get acquainted with Thailand’s rich history than by visiting these incredible sites up close instead of reading about them in books; secondly it offers an opportunity to experience authentic local culture without having to worry about too much tourist hustle and bustle; thirdly there are plenty great food options available so even pickiest eaters will not go hungry! All things considered, Ayutthaya makes the perfect day trip option for anyone who wants to take a break from their hectic sightseeing itinerary and enjoy something truly special!