Golden Rock is located in Kyaik Hto township, Mon state and it is one of the popular destination to visit during in Myanmar Travel. You should not miss this in your very first time since it will give you memorable time while you are enjoying beautiful landscape along the way and even on the top of the mountain when you arrived. Golden rock is also a sustainable tourism site in Myanmar, too.

kyaiktiyo pagoda

Kyaiktiyo Pagoda

How you can reach to Golden Rock (Kyaik Hti Yo)? 
kanbawzathadi palace

Kanbawzathadi Palace

kyaik pun paya

Kyaik Pun Paya

You may take your private car to there from Yangon or you can even try train or buses from Yangon. It will take about 4 hours drive directly from Yangon to the base camp of the mountain and then, you have to take the truck up to the mountain which would be one of the memorable time on this trip for you. Taking open truck is a fantastic experience. If you worry your safety, you can still take the seat in front with the driver, too. But, we do recommend to take back seat to enjoy the scenic view along the way and have fun with other on the truck. You may take public transportation, you should check schedules with travel agents since there will be some short notice changes.

What else you can see along the way to Golden Rock? 

If you take a private car, another destination you can add in your itinerary from Yangon to Golden Rock (Kyaik Hti Yo) is Bago, the culture city with rich ancient histories. Normally, start from Yangon around 8 am in the morning and start driving to Golden Rock, on the way, you can stop Htauk Kyant cemetery, hand-made pottery at the entrance of Bago City, visit Kyakhat Wine monastery to learn more Buddhism and their daily routines and have lunch at nice local Burmese food restaurant.

tea shop from bago

Tea shop from Bago

Start again, driving to the destination while you can also enjoy the scenic view of paddy fields along the way and countryside, so be ready your camera to shoot beautiful photos. After another 2 more hours drive, you will reach the base camp where you have to take the truck to top of the mountain. As mentioned above, if you are the adventure, you should take the seat the back of the open-air truck to enjoy the amazing view along the way and if you like to trek, you can get off at the Ye The’ Taung gate and you can walk to the top of the mountain about 30 mins. It would be the nice experience to try.

Where to stay in Golden Rock? 

There are limited hotel accommodations on the top of Mountain, Golden Rock Hotel, Mountain Top Hotel and Kyaik Hto Hotel though there is the local-targeted hotel like Yoe Yoe Lay hotel, too. We would recommend spending a bit more for accommodation when you visit Kyaik Hti Yo Pagoda and stay at the top of the mountain though you can also overnight at the base camp, too. By staying at the top of the mountain, you can enjoy the magical sunset and sunrise as well. If you can get up early in the morning, you can also join morning food-offering ceremony which is very peaceful and nice to explore more about Buddism practices in Myanmar.

You may take the truck down back to the base camp around 0900 Am in order to have time to visit more places in Bago. You will take the same road back to Yangon and on the way, you should visit other attraction in Bago such as Kanbawza Thardi Place, Hinthar Gone Pagoda where you may also enjoy Spirit dance which held normally on weekends. You may also visit to Shwe Thar Lyaung pagoda, which is a bit similar with Chauk Htet Kyi pagoda in Yangon. Drive back to Yangon, don’t forget to try seasonal fruits which are available along the way.

shwe maw daw pagoda

Shwe Maw Daw Pagoda

Tips: If you have only two days, above itinerary would be a perfect one. If you have more time to spend on Golden Rock, there are other places you can extend to Mya Sein Taung, Nwar La Boh Taung, Saung Naing Gyi Waterfall, etc

4 Days – Best of Yangon and Around ( Bago and Golden Rock) 
3 days – Excursion to magical Golden Rock 

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