Meet Myanmar local is the place where you can learn more about the country from the point of view of Myanmar local. We interview local people what they think about their country, where do they recommend to visit in Myanmar and what kind of Myanmar food you should try and why you should visit Myanmar.

Thura Htut, Bagan Branch Manager

This week, we interviewed Thura Htut, local of Bagan region who is working as the tourist guide and serves as branch Manager for Pro Niti Travel. Thura Htut is 34 years and was born in Bagan. He went to UAE to continue his career in the hospitality industry and he went back to Myanmar during 2012 while Myanmar start opens to the international and he joined tourist guide training and start his tourist guide life since 2012, He joined Pro Niti Travel since 2013 at the beginning of the company establishment. Here is what Thura Htut opinions on Myanmar, his motherland.

Q1: What do you think are the best places in Myanmar to travel to and why?

Yangon, you can experience the lifestyle of people in the biggest city in our country, colonial buildings and some religious monuments.

Mandalay is the second largest city in Myanmar and the last kingdom was there as well. You can visit the golden monastery which is located in the palace. You can see the “world’s largest book”, traditional handicraft workshops, and monasteries where you can see the daily life of Buddhist monks and nuns.

Inle Lake (Shan state). Many different ethnic groups are living here. You can meet the Innthar who are fishing on Inle Lake and growing vegetables on their floating islands, different house styles and lifestyles. There are many natural caverns you can visit and you can do trekking around. It has very nice weather all year round.

biking with guest

Biking with Guest from Pro Niti

Bagan, it is one of the best archaeological sites not only in Myanmar but also in Southeast Asia. This is the place where the main ethnic group called Burmese is living. You can see many different religious festivals and visit the rural villages and chat with the friendly and honest local people.

Q2: Think of all activities that travellers to Myanmar can do. Which activities do you think are the most exciting and adventurous?

The most exciting activities in Myanmar are trekking, biking, bird watching, and photography.
Q3: Let’s talk about real Myanmar food. Which food is your favourite and why?
Fish paste curry with green chillies is one of the favourites for everyone in Myanmar, which we always have with different types of fresh vegetables and salad.
Q4: Tell us about your favourite destination in Myanmar. What’s the name of the place, where is it located, and why is it your favourite place?

My favourite destination in Myanmar is my native town of Bagan, located in the central part of the country in a dry zone. This is where you can see the architecture evolution of the temples, stupas and original Buddha’s images from different periods in the same place. This place has a lot of cultural value from thousand years ago. Come and see the scale and techniques of engineering works of the Bagan people and the religious monuments.

bagan temple

Pray inside Bagan Temple

Q5: Why do you think travellers like to visit Myanmar? What are they coming to see and do in Myanmar?

Because our country is very peaceful, rich in natural resources, and many cultural and religious sights to enjoy.

Q6: What is it about life in Myanmar that you like the most?
We have many different ethnic groups here in Myanmar. Each and every ethnic group has their own culture, traditions, and beliefs that I really like and appreciate. So, I want to invite all of you to come and visit Myanmar.

meet with local in bagan

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