Meet Myanmar local is the place where you can learn more about the country from the point of view of Myanmar local. We interview local people what they think about their country, where do they recommend to visit in Myanmar and what kind of Myanmar food you should try and why you should visit Myanmar.

selfie with the happy guest at the centre of yangon

Selfie with the happy guest and guide,at the centre of Yangon

Q: What do you think are the best places in Myanmar to travel to and why?

One of the best places in Myanmar is Yangon, situated in the southern part of Myanmar. From here we can go to Mawlamyine and Hpa-An to see the Ramseur site area and to enjoy the nature. Other great places are the cultural cities of Mandalay and Bagan, where there is beautiful architecture and mural paintings; Shan State is remarkable as here you will find Inle Lake, also known by some as the “Venice of the East”. Kayah state is great for hiking and to experience the lifestyle of the locals.

Q: Think of all activities that travelers to Myanmar can do. Which activities do you think are the most exciting and adventurous?

Myanmar offers so many incredible activities. Among my favorites are taking the circular train and trishaws in Yangon, sitting in a large truck taking visitors up the mountain to Golden Rock Pagoda, walking inside the many caves, hiking along the mountain ranges and paddy fields. So many exciting and adventurous activities.

Q: Let’s talk about real Myanmar food. Which food is your favorite and why?

Mohingar (rice noodle with fish gravy) is one of Myanmar’s most traditional soups. Most of the people love this and this is our signature food of Myanmar. 

proniti guest experience

With our guest

Q: Tell us about your favorite destination in Myanmar. What’s the name of the place, where is it located, and why is it your favorite place?

Inlay Lake is my favorite which is situated in the southern part of Shan state. It is really unique because of the floating gardens and we can enjoy hiking around the area too.

Q: Why do you think travelers like to visit Myanmar? What are they coming to see and do in Myanmar?

In my opinion, Myanmar people are so hospitable to their visitors. Visitors usually talk about our country as a very peaceful place with honest people.

Q: What is it about life in Myanmar that you like the most?

We have our tradition of: ”Respect to the elderly, admiration to those of similar as us, and empathy towards the youth. “

proniti guest experience

Tea Break with the guest

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