Pro Niti Travel interviews our guests and other travellers who have been to Myanmar to let them share their experiences, advice for Myanmar travel, and to inspire all of us about travelling in Myanmar.

This month we interview Charlie & Lauren from Wanderers & Warriors Travel blog who recently travelled to Myanmar.

Pro Niti Travel: How many countries have you been to?

Traveler: Myanmar is our 3rd country as a twosome but separately we have covered over 30.

PNT: What inspired you to visit Myanmar? How long did you take to plan your trip?

Traveler: We always wanted to tick off Myanmar but it wasn’t until Sri Lanka that we realized it made sense as a perfect starting point for our Southeast Asia trip. It didn’t take us long at all to plan, we researched a little online but usually just wing it when we arrive in a place.

PNT: Including this trip, how many times have you visited Myanmar?

Traveler:  This is our first time in Myanmar and it’s lived up to all expectations!

truck station at golden rock

Truck Station at Golden Rock

PNT: Please tell us about the places you visited in Myanmar that you enjoyed the most?

Traveler: Of course Bagan and Inle Lake were awesome but we also visited the Mon & Kayin states, which was a real cultural experience and more, undiscovered than the usual tourist route.

PNT: And how about the people? Please tell us any interesting experiences you had with the people of Myanmar?

Traveler:  One thing we can honestly say…Burmese people are the happiest and most welcoming we’ve met on our travels. From playing football with the kids on the street to the young girls giggling at us and being too shy to say hello. Everybody we’ve met in Myanmar has greeted us with a smile!

PNT: How about the food you had in Myanmar? Please tell us if you enjoyed the food and which food did you like the most.

Traveler: We love Asian food anyway so it was always going to be a winner but Myanmar has to be the king of coriander. WOW…KING OF CORIANDER HEY! We couldn’t get enough of the noodle soups and there was actually one dish that we never did find out the name of, it was served on the streets of Yangon and all we have is this photo as a reminder…

street food

Street Food

lunch as locals

Having lunch as locals

PNT: Was there any specific memorable experience you had which you will not easily forget? If so, please tell us about it.

Traveler: Our day on Inle Lake was memorable…not just for the lake itself, but for all the different stops we made along the way. We saw silver being made from a stone, clothing being made from lotus plants and cigarette filters from the husk of corn.

PNT: Are there any experiences you had that you can recommend to other travelers not to miss? If so, please tell us about it.

Traveler: Definitely the big 4. It’s no surprise Bagan, Yangon, Inle Lake and Mandalay has become so popular amongst travelers. If you get the chance to head south a little to Kyaiktiyo the Golden Rock is pretty impressive and hiking in Hsipaw is beautiful!

PNT: Did your travel experiences in Myanmar exceed your expectations, or did you expect more? Please tell us how your expectations were met.

Traveler: Myanmar definitely exceeded all expectations. We had no real idea how friendly and helpful strangers would be towards us. People we’d met beforehand all said how happy Burmese people were and they didn’t disappoint!

PNT: Have you taken any train journeys in Myanmar? If so, please tell us what you think of the experience.

Traveler: We actually didn’t. We just came from India and Sri Lanka so had overloaded on train journeys. For Myanmar, we stuck to the fast route of VIP buses.

sweet kids from myanmar

With sweet kids from Myanmar

PNT: Have you made any new friends in Myanmar? Please tell us how did it happen and why this person or people became special to you.

Traveler: We made many friends that we met through accommodations and tours that we’ll definitely keep in touch with!

PNT: Did you get any culture shock while traveling in Myanmar? If so, where did it happen and why was it such a culture shock to you?

Traveler: We think we saw everything we possibly could in India so Myanmar was a breeze although it never failed to amaze us how people survive out in the middle of nowhere amongst the paddy fields.

PNT: Are there any places you have not yet visited in Myanmar and would love to come back and visit next time?

Traveler: We’re due to leave in a few days and are not sure if we’ll make it down to Ngapali Beach or Myeik but would love to come back and visit.

PNT: Is there any advice you can give to travelers who are considering to visit Myanmar in the near future?

Traveler: Do it! A lot of people tend to skip Myanmar on their Southeast Asia tours but for us it’s must. Knowing what we know now after visiting we rate it among the top countries in Asia.

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