Pro Niti Travel interviews our guests and other travelers who have been to Myanmar to let them share their experiences, advice for Myanmar travel, and to inspire all of us about traveling in Myanmar.This month we interview our guest Yanik from Switzerland. Let’s see what he think about his trip and Myanmar.


Southern Part of Myanmar

Q1. PRO NITI: Please tell us about the places you visited in Myanmar that you enjoyed the most?

GUEST: I loved the south! Mawlamyaing, Hpa An, and Kyaiktiyo left a deep impression! But of course, Bagan is a must too!

Q1. PRO NITI: And how about the people? Please tell us any interesting experiences you had with the people in Myanmar?

GUEST: The people are very friendly and especially in the south very curious about western people. I was very often asked for pictures of them 🙂

A sweet smile of local girl

Q1. PRO NITI: How about the food you had in Myanmar? Please tell us if you enjoyed the food and which food did you like the most.

GUEST: Shan noodles are a must! But I especially loved the big variety of fresh fruits everywhere too!

Q1. PRO NITI: Was there any specific memorable experience you had which you will not easily forget? If so, please tell us about it.

GUEST: There are so many things to mention. One of the most rememberable experience was the train ride from Yangon to Mawlamyaing! But also the sunrise over Bagan in a balloon is an unforgettable experience!

Ballooning in Bagan

Q1. PRO NITI: Are there any experiences you had that you can recommend to other travelers not to miss? If so, please tell us about it.

GUEST: Do at least one train ride!

Q1. PRO NITI: Did your travel experiences around Myanmar exceed your expectations, or did you expect more? Please tell us how your expectations were met.

GUEST: All in all this trip exceeded my expectations by far!

Q1. PRO NITI: Have you taken any train journeys in Myanmar? If so, please tell us what you think of the experience.

GUEST: See above! 🙂 Yes, great experience! It is like the market is coming to you as they sell everything on the train (food of course but also clothes, beauty products, medicine and many other things)

Train Station

Q1. PRO NITI: Have you made any new friends in Myanmar? Please tell us how did it happen and why this person or people became special to you.

GUEST: I met many very beautiful people on my trip but was just not long enough in Myanmar to really make friends.

Q1. PRO NITI: Did you get any culture shock while traveling in Myanmar? If so, where did it happen and why was it such a culture shock to you?

GUEST: Well, of course, a city like Yangon is everything a western town is not. But no, I did not have any kind of shock.

Smile more

Q1. PRO NITI: Are there any places you have not yet visited in Myanmar and would love to come back and visit next time?

GUEST: Yes, I would love to see Mandalay and its surroundings and more of the south.

Q1. PRO NITI: Is there any advice you can give to travelers who are considering to visit Myanmar in the near future?

GUEST: Do not rush from one place to the other and give yourself some time to just stroll through towns and villages. My highlights were no big monuments, pagodas, temples or churches (although there are some very beautiful pagodas, etc.) but the street life, the markets, and the people.

A young kid selling vegetables

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