If you are an adventure and love the sea, then we have cruise programs in Mergui Regions for you! Here is Asia Whale that will serve you beyond your satisfaction.

The nature of this untouched area is truly breathtaking and the diving is world-class. The reefs and drop-offs around the islands and rocky islets are riddled with caves, swim-throughs, and overhangs. Coral and reef life are in prime condition. You will encounter vast schools of fish amongst many pelagic such as Manta Rays, Tuna as well as Shark species like Silvertips, Oceanic Whitetips, Bull Sharks and also hammerheads. Many of the sites have never been dived before and new spots are continually being discovered

On the shores, beaches are spotlessly clean and every single island is a paradise for bird watchers and nature lovers alike. The Primary rainforest is inhabited by many species of apes and monkeys.

Birds of prey amongst which Brahimi kites and white-bellied Sea Eagles circle the skies and in the forest, you’ll see hornbills, parakeets and numerous other small species.

The islands themselves are honeycombed with caves. Hidden lagoons and freshwater streams await your discovery. 

Just a small number of islands have been thoroughly explored, on most no westerner has ever set foot. The few local inhabitants.

The nomadic Moken Sea Gypsies, roam the archipelago in their small boats, much in the same way their forebears have done for centuries. They are very friendly and will often come for a visit or to barter some fish.

There are different dive boats are at your disposition to suit your different needs. The crew is fantastic, always doing their best to make you feel safe and comfortable. We are very proud of our master-cook, who is able to prepare very tasty Thai and Burmese cuisine in any condition. We usually buy fresh fish and seafood to the local fishermen we always meet during the trips. Vegetarian dishes can be ordered in advance. All our boats are suitable for divers and snorkellers alike.