Unlike the other cruise operators, Island Safari offers you two options for your next adventure trip in the Mergui Archipelago. This is the original 5-days cruise program of Island Safari. A Scenic Safari Aboard the MV Sea Gipsy”. Relax aboard the MV Sea Gipsy and let your troubles float away on crystal clear, emerald waves. Escape the crowds and relax into the peaceful serenity of a boating adventure through the stunning and remote Mergui Archipelago. 

Here is the highlight of the tour.


  • Afloat in the shimmering waters of Mergui Archipelago, you will experience the divinity of relaxation and contentedness. Aboard the MV Sea Gipsy, this five-day adventure will begin at the bustling seaport of Kawthaung where there are diverse sidewalk shops for you to see, experience and explore.

  • Once you’ve set out into the tranquil waters of the Mergui Archipelago, you will be treated to stunning views, breathtaking sunsets, and peaceful relaxation under the twinkling stars of the serene night sky.

  • A stop at Moken Village will warm your heart as local children great you with smiles and waves. As you depart Moken Village for Boulder Island, you will set sail with a full heart.

  • At each stop on your 5-day adventure, you will have the chance to experience the wonders of the Indian Ocean as you snorkel, kayak or paddle your way around the shoreline on a long tail stand up paddle-board.

  • You will experience the heart-stoppingly beautiful and untamed vistas of Myanmar’s most remote areas.

  • On Boulder Bay Island, you will have the chance to hike to stunning Eagle Rock where you will be treated to unforgettable vantages of uncharted wilderness.

  • Aboard the MV Sea Gipsy, you will dine on delicious and carefully prepared dinners. There is a stunning, sun-drenched deck where you can relax into the serenity of your adventure or spending the evening relaxing in one of five open-air gazebos.

Please see the detailed itinerary below to see the places and activities during the tour. If this is not what you are looking for, you can see our Myanmar Cruises or check the other tour programs by Island Safari.