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Tour Route Bagan to Mandalay (5 Days)

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  • A Historical Pilgrimage in Bagan


    Our journey through this Golden Land begins with a breakfast in the tranquil gardens of Bagan House, one of the oldest lacquerware workshops in the region, where this ancient craft is practiced using techniques first discovered in the 11th century. This informal gathering offers guests the opportunity to meet fellow passengers and key personnel from the R.V. Strand.


    After breakfast we commence our tour of this world-famous archaeological zone, which is home to more than 2500 temples and stupas, dating from the 10th century. This world heritage site, once said by Marco Polo to be ‘one of the finest sights in the world ’offers visitors the opportunity to experience the sheer magnificence and architectural splendor created more than 250 years ago, depicting such wonders as the Ananda Temple and the gilded Shwezigon Pagoda, an original construction built by King Anawrahta, a founder of the Bagan Empire.


    We join the R.V Strand, where the crew will be waiting to welcome you on-board and direct you to your cabin, after which a safety briefing and introduction will be held on the sun deck.


    Enjoy a light Mediterranean lunch, refreshments and an opportunity to relax amidst the comfort of the Cruise.


    The afternoon is spent exploring a few of the highlights of the Bagan region, including the Sulamani Temple, regarded as one of the most refined within the heritage site, reflected in its direct translation as ‘crowning jewel’, and the renowned Gubyaukgyi Temple, built in 1113, famed for its murals lining the main hall, depicting some exceptional stucco decorations as part of the Bagan tour.


    Enjoy a sundowner or a Signature Strand cocktail as you admire the majestic sunset, with a backdrop of the surrounding temples and stupas.


    We commence the evening’s entertainment with a traditional Myanmar Culture show.


    A selection of Myanmar dishes are served in The Strand Restaurant, using the freshest of locally sourced ingredients to provide guests with a taste of traditional cuisine.

  • Overlooking the Grandiose Majesty of Bagan


    Enjoy a leisurely breakfast as we begin the gentle sail upriver and enjoy the passing landscapes and villages along the river bank, with scenes reminiscent of the days of Rudyard Kipling and other intrepid explorers who have visited this rugged landscape over the centuries.


    Indulge yourself with a comprehensive lunch buffet, and relax on-board as we course the Ayeyarwady River, allowing you the opportunity to unwind, relax beside the swimming pool or enjoy some quiet time with fellow travelers.


    A sumptuous Strand High tea is served in the restaurant.


    Enjoy an afternoon presentation by a renowned speaker, covering a variety of informative topics, and a chance for some Q&A on the archeological history of the region.


    You are invited to join our Cruise Manager for a sundowner on the sun deck.


    A dinner of light bites is served as part of the tapas dinner in Sarkies Bar.


    Our local performers will present a traditional puppet show, reminiscent of an age-old tradition rarely seen in modern Myanmar.

  • The Wave of the river


    Enjoy a leisurely breakfast.

    We cast off to begin the morning journey to Mingun, an ancient capital of Myanmar, famous for its massive unfinished pagoda dating from the end of the 18th century.

    The morning can be spent partaking in some on-board activities prepared by our crew, or enjoy some leisure time beside the swimming pool


    Our Executive chef will demonstrate how to prepare some of the famous Myanmar dishes such as the “Tea Leaf salad”, and you will have the chance to create your own culinary delights under his guidance.

    Our crew members will present a thanaka demonstration, a natural product used for centuries for a variety of medicinal and herbal purposes, followed by a lesson in the art of wearing the famous Myanmar longyi.


    Relax over a Thai lunch on-board as we continue to sail.


    Ava, the ancient imperial capital of successive Burmese kingdoms from the 14th to 19th centuries. Horse carts await to transport you for a delightful ride through the naturally preserved Ava landscape and key landmarks. Enjoy a traditional Myanmar tea break in a local tea house during the visit.


    Enjoy a sundowner or a Signature Strand cocktail as you admire the sunset over the majestic river and spectacular landscape.


    An evening under the stars as you enjoy a BBQ-dinner on the sandbank. (weather and river conditions permitting)

  • Wonders and Vistas of the Royal Capital


    The R.V Strand sets sail for Mandalay, the second- largest city and the last royal capital of Myanmar.


    Enjoy a leisurely breakfast.

    Please be reminded that appropriate clothing is required when visiting the sights of Mandalay, particulatly the temples and pagodas., and knees and shoulders should be covered appropriately,


    The morning starts with a visit to U-Bein Bridge, built in 1850, and believed to be one of the oldest and longest teakwood bridges in the world, crossing Taungthaman Lake near Amarapura. The tour of Mandalay continues as we visit the Mahamuni Buddha, a major pilgrimage site, as well as the teakwood Shwe In Bin Monastery, dating from 1895, and a highlight of the city.


    Relax on-board with a buffet lunch and refreshments.


    Stop in Mingun, one of the country’s former capitals, at the foot of the unfinished pagoda, one of the largest pagodas ever constructed in the history of Myanmar. Visit the pagoda by a popular local means of transportation, the tuk-tuk. The pagoda is home to the magnificent Mingun Bell, claimed to be the largest uncracked hanging bell in the world. We will also visit Hsin Phyume Pagoda, an impressive pagoda that rises in seven curved whitewashed terraces representing the seven mountain ranges around Mt. Meru, the mountain at the center of the Buddhist universe.


    Celebrate the day with a sundowner on the sun deck.

    19h30- 21h00

    A Celebratory French tasting menu is served in The Strand Restaurant.

  • 07h00-09h00

    Enjoy a leisurely breakfast prior to disembarkation.


    Transfer arrangements are in place as you commerce your onward journey, and the crew of The R.V Strand bid you farewell.

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