Myanmar has developed into one of the most appealing travel destinations in Southeast Asia. Known for its bustling markets, a wide array of lakes and parks, cultural diversity and of course its many Pagoda’s that are found all over the country. The diversity of attractions in Myanmar makes it the perfect place for that family trip or family holiday. We will highlight some of the best Myanmar tour packages for Families, giving you reasons to book your next family trip to Myanmar.

Myanmar Tour Packages for Families

If you are planning a family holiday to Myanmar, there are so many exciting options for you to explore and create memories with the entire family. Here are some of the highly recommended tour packages not to miss when next you are in Myanmar. These tour packages vary in duration and you can choose the package that best suits the amount of time that you can spend in Myanmar.

Best of Yangon and environs tour (4 days)

If you only can stay in Myanmar for a few days, the Best of Yangon and environs tour is a great option for you and the family. You will get the opportunity to explore the beautiful and intriguing town of Yangon, seeing the alluring colonial buildings and the renowned Yangon City Hall. This tour will take you to several other landmarks in Yangon such as the Maha-Bandula Park, Bogyoke Aung San Market, Yeshua Synagogue and the most renowned and sacred Pagoda in Myanmar the Shwedagon Pagoda. Your family will also visit the stunning Golden Rock which provides sunrise and sunset views that you will not find anywhere else in Myanmar. By and large, the Best of Yangon and environs tour will take you and your family to the most unique and interesting attractions in and around the Yangon area and importantly, your children will enjoy every minute of this enjoyable 4-Day adventure.

Family Tours in Myanmar

We can arrange the child seat for your baby

Explore Loikaw and its uniqueness (5 days)

This tour is another exciting option for the entire family. This tour is highly culture-based, including learning the way of life of the Kayan people and Kayaw people. You will enjoy their different traditional dishes while learning their ethnic beliefs and traditions. In addition to the cultural aspects, you will also explore the natural beauty of the Shan Mountain Range and the scenic Inle Lake. The entire family will enjoy getting immersed in the interesting culture of the region and lifetime memories will be created on this trip. It is a great option for you if you and your family enjoy learning about new cultures and exploring outdoor.

Family tours in Loikaw, Myanmar

Try Local’s Way of Life With Your Family

The Luxurious Adventure in Myanmar (The Mergui Archipelago Tour 9 Days)

This 9-Day Tour is one of the most comprehensive and exciting tours you can do in Myanmar with your family. Over an intriguing 9 days, you will discover all that Yangon has to offer including the beautiful and famous Shwedagon Pagoda and the alluring colonial architecture in the town. Probably the most interesting part of this tour is exploring the Mergui Islands by boat and enjoying the unspoiled coral reefs, stunning beaches, and the crystal -clear waters. You will feel like you are in heaven! In addition to the scenic waters and beaches, you will get the opportunity to explore the untouched countryside of the islands. This tour will leave you with a renewed appreciation for nature and culture and the memories will be etched in your mind forever!


Tours in Mergui Archipelago, Myanmar

Explore the Unspoiled Mergui Archipelago with your family

Best of Myanmar Tour (14 days)

If you can afford to bring the entire family to Myanmar for two weeks, the Best of Myanmar Tour is the perfect tour for you! This tour explores most of the major resort areas in Myanmar including, Yangon, Bago, Golden Rock, Bagan, Mandalay, and Inle lake. You will enjoy all the main activities and attractions in Myanmar from visiting massive Pagodas, learning the history and culture of the country, exploring the natural beauty of Myanmar to exploring Myanmar by boat. This is one of the most complete tours you can do on your family holiday to Myanmar.

Family Tours in Bagan, Myanmar

Enjoy the Horse Cart Ride in Land of Temples – Bagan

Finally, Myanmar offers countless options for family trips or getaways, the tours listed above are some of the recommended ones for you to explore when you book your next family trip to Myanmar. We look forward to hosting you and your family in our beautiful country!