Myanmar is very famous for its people, their culture, ancient history and beautiful landscape. As a traveler, one should be aware those travel tips before coming to Myanmar so that there won’t any conflict with communities, don’t get culture shock and travel responsibly.

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One of the things every traveler noticed and commented is “Myanmar people are super friendly.” , willing to help travelers and so welcoming to their guests. We recommend learning some Burmese words, just ” Mingalarpar” when you meet Myanmar people and will get rapport.

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Myanmar is very diverse and lots of history to learn. There are over 100 ethnic groups in Myanmar, and every ethnic group has their language, traditions, culture. Learn them and try to adapt, you are in Myanmar.

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Love to take the photo, come to Myanmar whether for landscape, people, festivals, or even wildlife. But, be aware that you should not take the photo of women taking a shower. Myanmar is friendly, but they are shy, too. 🙂

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Again, smiling faces is what makes Myanmar people lovely and famous among the tourists. We love to smile and like to see the smile. So, don’t forget to smile. Smile, Smile, and Smile.

dos and donts in myanmar 5Don’t point with your foot. This manner is what you should be careful in Myanmar. People hate this kind of behavior and feel disrespectful.

dos and donts in myanmar 6

Myanmar people are very religious, and Buddhism influenced culture. When you are visiting monasteries, pagodas or any holy places, please do wear decent clothes. You have to take off your shoes and socks when you are visiting pagodas, monasteries, and other sacred sites.

dos and donts in myanmar 7

Again, when you visit Pagoda or any holy places, you should aware not to stretch out your legs and lay down and relax in front of Buddha statue. This kind of behavior indicates the disrespects to Buddha and Buddhism people surely do not like. So please be aware that never face your feet to the Buddha

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Different country has different cultures on its own. We, Myanmar people, entirely dislike touching head because Myanmar people regard head as a noble part of human body part.

dos and donts in myanmar 9 As you travel around the world, you may learn the sweet words like “Konnichiwa” or “Ni Hao”. As in Myanmar, saying “Ce Su Tin Ba De” whenever you receive the service from someone is the sweetest and lovest manner for Myanmar people.

dos and donts in myanmar 10

Myanmar citizens are very polite and hospitable, so tourists do not need to worry about their security and safety. But women travelers should dress decently while traveling around as Myanmar traditions and customs; women have their dignity.

dos and donts in myanmar 11

In Myanmar, kissing in public is an inappropriate and impolite manner, so that avoid kissing in public area especially in old-aged people.

dos and donts in myanmar 12

If you reach Pagodas or monasteries, you can see people meditating in silence. Meditating is a way to reduce stress, anxiety, depression, and pain to achieve a mentally clear and emotionally calm state so while they meditation or praying, intentionally or inadvertently disturbing their peace would be rude. Please be aware of talking loudly and carelessly, asking questions to them and taking loads of photographs.

dos and donts in myanmar 13

When you want to ask something or call somebody, avoid calling with your finger up because such manner would be calling for a one-to-one challenge and it is rude to do.

dos and donts in myanmar 14

Again, travelers should know the local customs of the ethnic group before a visit to such ethnic villages because each ethnic group has its major customs and traditions.

dos and donts in myanmar 15

Trishaw, boat and horse cart is an old mode of transport in Myanmar and still active nowadays. Trying the traditional transport facilities is not only can support the locals but also practice the sustainable way of transportation.

dos and donts in myanmar 16

Although it is the ridiculous circumstance to declare the electricity shortages in some season but travelers alert to an unusual situation of Myanmar.

dos and donts in myanmar 17

Such a rude manner is that you touch the robe of a monk so avoid touching the monks and their robe.

dos and donts in myanmar 18

Please be careful of buying precious and expensive items at the local market as it cannot guarantee the authenticity of that items. Instead of purchasing valuable things like gems and jewelry at the local market, you should buy at licensed stores that can ensure their selling item.

dos and donts in myanmar 19

There are twelve main festivals and various kinds of ceremonies celebrated in all over Myanmar. You are warmly welcome to these celebrations while learning Myanmar Culture and Traditions. Come and enjoy with us.

dos and donts in myanmar 20

When tourists want to exchange their foreign currency, they should use the official exchange counters, and banks and most of them are situated along the roadside of the main road. Do not trust the agent and they are not reliable.

dos and donts in myanmar 21

Giving a hand to local people is much appreciated. Instead, a wise direct contribution to local communities is more efficient for the natives.

dos and donts in myanmar 22

Better saying to ask locally for donation.Rather than giving money, sweets or pencil,  we would appreciate your opinion about bringing useful things for the villagers that perhaps do not get many visitors.

dos and donts in myanmar 23As the world knows the hospitality of Myanmar people, they will be pleased if tourists participate in their festivals and join with them. Feel as locals and celebrate and make them proud of their traditions.

dos and donts in myanmar 24

Using drugs is illegal not only in Myanmar but also in worldwide, but the government is strictly prohibited using any kinds of drugs within Myanmar boundaries.

dos and donts in myanmar 25

Start refuse to purchase rare wildlife products. It is an illegal trade, and it supports the deterioration of rare species and its market. Do not buy these products.

dos and donts in myanmar 26

Do not buy antiques, arts, and crafts from illegal market and don’t be a supporter of illegal trade. Pay respect to culture and heritage of Myanmar arts and crafts.

dos and donts in myanmar 27

Be a good example of collecting their garbage and educating Myanmar people about responsible travel.

dos and donts in myanmar 28

The government has prohibited the prostitution in a long time ago. Sex tourism is not much accessible in Myanmar. So, do not support the dark side of travel.

dos and donts in myanmar 29

Some of the destinations are not easily accessible and restricted to travel. Follow as the advice by Travel Association and avoid travel to an area that may danger tourists.


dos and donts in myanmar 30

Please follow the above Dos and Donts facts and these will be useful for all travelers who wish to visit Myanmar.

Myanmar does welcome travelers by their nature and love to host, showing around their places, explaining their culture, histories, traditions, customs. Do follow that advice to practice sustainable travel practices when you are visiting Myanmar. Share those with others, too.

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