Yangon is not a city it used to be, it was back in days the capital city of Myanmar but during the ruling time of the military junta, when in the land far away was created Nay Pyi Daw, the official capital of the now Myanmar, Yangon declined to become a city more driven towards the country’s economy. Although its capital status expired, Yangon has not lost its due prominence.

In many parts of the City is a long stall of shops and hawkers struggling for a hard days work for a hard days pay. Hop onto a lazily moving trishaw and get around the rural area in Dala to observe different walks of life. Or perhaps a train ride that circles around the outskirts of the city would be an alternative.

And date back to the 90’s era and dig into the cities compelling history.

Let alone be their astounding characters, a collection of stately colonial buildings in the city center would not be by any means less recommended to anyone despite their decaying age.

Yangon has grasped an increasing number of tourists every year with the last year counting over 4 million. The city has myriad tourist attractions, remarkably the Shwedagon Pagoda which justifies a visit to the city all by itself and remains the supreme milestone of the country.