Shwedagon Pagoda is one of the famous tourist site or tourist destination in Myanmar and is located in Yangon. Tourist have to pay 8000 MMKs for entrance fees. There are four main stairways to go up to the platform of Shwedagon pagoda, among them, the Southern stairway is the most famous and crowded one.

We would like to suggest you to use eastern stairway where you won’t disturb by crowd and like to recommend to use steps to the platform rather than using elevator. Along the way, you can see shops that are selling flowers, candles and other religious related items and some of Myanmar traditional toys for kids. That would be very interesting to explore.

Another stairway we would like to recommend is western stairways where you can experience aesthetic sense and the architecture there is nice and this is the stairways where is escalator existed and the only stairway without elevator for Shwedagon pagoda. The Best time to explore to visit Shwedagon pagoda is evening, normally around 0530 ~ 0700 PM in the evening when you can enjoy the most beautiful and breathtaking sunset with this glorious pagoda and to explore the interesting Buddhist practice in Myanmar.

Why you should visit this marvelous Shwedagon pagoda? Because this is the heart of Myanmar and this is the one of the world wonder. Moreover, this is the place where you can explore the interesting Buddhist practice in Myanmar and this is the place where you can learn more about Myanmar art and crafts. Really recommended one for Myanmar visit.


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