Explore the captivating allure of Myanmar, a country renowned for its unique culture and diverse landscapes. From adventure to cultural tours, ecotourism to water-related activities, Myanmar offers a myriad of experiences that make it a perfect one-stop destination. With a plethora of tourist destinations in Myanmar, your holiday is set to be unforgettable. When you’re in Myanmar, don’t miss out on the chance to discover the top 10 must-visit Myanmar holiday destinations that we recommend.

u bein bridge

A highlight of Myanmar, U Bein Bridge

1. Bagan

Withstanding the test of time, with the debatable maintenance of ancient temples, it has replenished itself as an astounding city in Asia’s spotlight. It was founded by King Anawrahta in the 10th century after consolidating the entire Myanmar for the first time. Where astonishing is a panoramic sight in the sunset too which people from nearby villages and tourists alike approach to revel in, it is indeed unfair to say it has lived long enough only to suffer from the excellence. With over 2,000 pagodas and temples, it remains to tell the story, to the world, it has ever lived. One way to find out what it has to say is to visit Bagan.

ballooning in bagan

Ballooning in Bagan

2. Inle Lake

Inle Lake, a part of the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, the lake measuring 22 km long by 10 km wide, and sitting in a valley between two mountain ranges, feels like a different world to the rest of Myanmar: in villages and towns across the lake, wooden houses are built high on stilts, and fishermen steer their one-man boats with a unique rowing style, wrapping one leg around their oar Inle lake definitely is a must-not-miss during your trip in Myanmar. Around and inside the lake, you can not only relax but follow popular activities such as bicycling, hiking, boating, and/or ballooning regardless of what you do; it will certainly be worthwhile.

inle lake

Inle Lake

3. Mandalay

Once the royal city of ancient Myanmar, Mandalay has now receded to the second largest city of the 21st century Myanmar. Mandalay itself is a city of royals; it remains a particular hub for cultural exploration comprising the iconic Mandalay Palace, which was once home to a lineage of the royal dynasty, and the Mandalay Hill overlooking the perfect city.

kuthodaw pagoda

World Biggest Book, Kuthodaw Pagoda

4. Yangon

Yangon is not a city it used to be, it was back in days the capital city of Myanmar but during the ruling time of the military junta, when in the land far away was created Nay Pyi Daw, the official capital of the now Myanmar, Yangon declined to become a city more driven towards the country economy. Although its capital status expired, Yangon has not lost its due prominence.

Let alone be their astounding characters, a collection of stately colonial buildings in the city center would not be by any means less recommended to anyone despite their decaying age.

entrance of shwedagon pagoda

The entrance of Shwedagon Pagoda

Yangon has grasped an increasing number of tourists every year with the last year counting over 4 million. The city has myriad tourist attractions, remarkably the Shwedagon Pagoda which justifies a visit to the city all by itself and remains the supreme milestone of the country.

5. Mrauk-U

Long lost in the time, Mrauk U, the capital of a mighty Arakan kingdom, its strength reflected amidst the grandeur and scope of the structures that exist sporadically, frequented by foreign traders went into decline when the British centralized Sittwe as a regional trade center after the First Anglo-Burmese War in 1826. Nowadays, Mrauk U serves as the most prominent archaeological site in Myanmar after Bagan it even has a nickname of Little Bagan. Although they contrast in every way possible: temples look more akin to the fortress, they exist throughout the villages, on hills and rice fields. And best of all, availability no temples shut. Under the new civilian government, however, we may see changes and things are possibly not going to be the same.

breathtaking mrauk-u

Breathtaking Mrauk-U

6. Ngapali Beach

Ngapli Beach, A long white sandy beach with the bright blue waters stretching across 2.4 kilometers along the Bay of Bengal has become a highlight of the Southeast Asia finest places to relax, appealing to discerning international tourists trying to avoid the crowd. Diverse beach activities are procurable from local fishing boats, kayaking, to snorkeling or scuba diving.

ngapali beach

Ngapali Beach

Flawlessly fascinating fishing villages can be found in the south of the bay offering a slice of local life. And kayaking, snorkeling and/or scuba diving can be arranged through hotels. Located in western Myanmar in the Rakhine State, Ngapali can be reached readily by air transport to a nearby Thandwe Airport making it easy to add to an itinerary of Myanmar major attractions.

7. Golden Rock

Kyaiktiyo Pagoda (also known as Golden Rock) is a well-known Buddhist pilgrimage site in Mon State, Burma. It is a small pagoda 7.3 meters (24 ft) built on the top of a granite boulder covered with gold leaves pasted on by its male devotees.

The gravity-defying Golden Rock has always been an important religious shrine amongst the Burmese Buddhist community, but with more and more tourists visiting the country each year the oddly balanced monument has recently become a tourist attraction for the foreigner.

golden rock

Golden Rock

According to legend, the Golden Rock itself is precariously perched on a strand of the Buddha’s hair. The balancing rock seems to defy gravity, as it perpetually appears to be on the verge of rolling down the hill.

8. Kalaw

Founded as a hill station in the colonial era by the British civil servants, you can easily recognize it by the way it looks on the spot. Renowned nationally as a perfect getaway atmosphere cozy, ambiance comfy, air chilly, streets leafy to escape the summer heat that will make your visit a warm experience by the locals smile and their hospitality despite the chilly air.

kalaw trekking

Kalaw Trekking

Buildings of the past remain within reach of scenic views under the refreshing climate to captivate your eyes endlessly. Perhaps it’s time for you to take a multi-day trek to Inle Lake or Pindaya to witness the lives of the local hill tribes and culture exploration while engaging with nature along the way.

9. Chin State

The land has remained green and quiet bringing peace of mind and tranquility to visitors coming for a local engagement or an intact with nature. The State additionally serves as a wonderful place for cultural exploration with the incredible Mt. Victoria, the highest mountain in the State presenting an adventurous hike opportunity and different ethnic villages atop and amidst the mountains with a picturesque mountain backdrop. Living in the wild, but embracing friendly smiles, Chins are one of the warmest people to come across.

chin trekking

Chin Trekking

10. Keng Tung

Occupying an extensive area in the far east of Shan State in the midst of the infamous Golden Triangle, Keng Tung hosts several opportunities to get intact with the undiscovered yet renowned ethnic minorities. One can go on for a long hike for days to nearby tribal villages including Akha famous for their sartorial practices.

keng tung mountain

Keng Tung

All the above ten destinations are the most popular for travelers to Myanmar with different tastes. The colorful mornings wait for you the moment to relax.

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