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  • Exploring the charming city Keng Tung and colorful local market
  • Appreciate the beautiful landscape around Keng Tung
  • Explore the indigenous tribes such as Akhu, Wa-Ann and Ann people
  • Tasting local food at local village
  • Adventure trek to Kwi for amazing Lahushi people
  • Being an adventurer and responsible travelers
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Starting Price: 135 USD

Date Itinerary
Day 1 Visiting around Keng Tung
Day 2 Adventure Trek to Hokyin Area – Akha Villages (About 4-5 Hours’ Trek)
Day 3 Lahu Shi Trekking (Kwi) (About 5 hours’ Trek)
Day 4 Adventure Trek to Pin Tauk Area (About 3-4 Hours’ Trek)

Day 1: Visiting around Keng Tung

After breakfast, we will explore the town of Keng Tung, which includes the tall standing Buddha image, Long Tree Hill with its famous 250-year old tree, Zawmmoon Matyan Monastery, Naung Tong Lake, traditional Shan lacquer ware production facility, Wat Zom Kham pagoda, and the beautiful Watin Monastery. Look out for some of the remnants of the historic town, including parts of the old city walls, the old city gate (Pa Leng Gate), and some beautiful colonial houses. We can also walk all around Naung Tong Lake and take a few pitstops at one of the many small restaurants. Keng Tung is such a lovely and peaceful town.

Day 2 : Adventure Trek to Hokyin Area – Akha Villages (About 4-5 Hours’ Trek)

After breakfast, we will go to the busy local market to buy a few items for lunch at one of the villages. Our drive to Hokyin, southeast of Keng Tung, will take about 45 min to one hour to reach the Pankwai Hill where we will leave the car. From here it is about a 1-hour trek past green rice terraces to reach the first village. There are four Akha villages with different religions and beliefs. It is not far from one village to another, but some hikes are challenging. At the villages, we will experience the culture of the Akha people and learn about their beliefs and survival techniques. We will most likely have lunch in a local home in one of the Akha villages. A friendly lady will introduce us to her cooking on an open fire inside her hut. All veggies will be carefully washed and cut and skilfully fried in a wok. When ready, we will sit around a small table and enjoy a very interesting Akha lunch. We may be lucky to be served some local rice alcohol. After visiting these villages, we will return to Keng Tung and again have a sumptuous dinner at a traditional restaurant.

Day 3 : Lahu Shi Trekking (Kwi) (About 5 hours’ Trek)

After breakfast at our hotel, we drive to the Lahu Shi villages to the west of Keng Tung. The drive from Keng Tung is about one hour to Kon Ma Village from where we will start our hike. Our hike goes through beautiful and quiet forests. We will feel the peace of nature along our uphill trek with beautiful views of the valleys until we reach the Lahu Shi villages at the top of the hills. The elevation of the first village is about 1,500 metre above sea level. We most likely will be invited into one of the many houses standing high on stilts. We will be joined by several villagers, mostly women, and kids. They will sit around us as the Chief makes us tea. We will share with them some biscuits we brought from Keng Tung and our hearts will melt to see these people enjoying our presence (and our biscuits). The kids in the Lahu Shi villages are totally adoring, friendly, and so photogenic. We will also walk around the village to meet more locals. After our goodbyes, we hike back to the car and may visit another tribal village. Afterwards, we return to Keng Tung and enjoy another pleasant dinner along the shores of Nong Tung Lake.

Day 4 : Adventure Trek to Pin Tauk Area (About 3-4 Hours’ Trek)

Pin Tauk, to the north of Keng Tung, is one of the most famous trekking destinations in the Keng Tung area. After breakfast, our guide and driver will pick you up at your hotel, and we will drive north to the Pin Tauk trekking area. After about 45 minutes of driving, we will reach a Shan village where we will see how they distil the local rice-based alcohol which is popular in Shan State. Afterwards, we will continue to Pin Tauk Village and then on to Wan Pin Village. The trekking around Pin Tauk is beautiful and not a too strenuous hike. The tribes you will meet there are the Akha, and also the Ann at Pan Lea village. After visiting the villages and spending a good time with the locals, we walk back to the car and drive to Keng Tung where we will enjoy a lovely evening at one of the many restaurants along the shores of Nong Tung Lake.

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Air conditioning car with driver for sightseeing

English Speaking Station Guide services for trekking

Water and snow towel on tour

Toll fee and fuel charges for car

Government Tax and Service charges

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Tourist visa

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Food and beverages (except breakfast where mentioned)

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