If you’re looking at planning an incredible adventure to Myanmar, chances are you’ve started looking at travel agencies and tour providers. You might be wondering whether to choose a large international operator or a smaller local Myanmar travel agency.

Some visitors have some concerns about choosing a local Myanmar travel agency over an international company. You might recognize some of the bigger names and think that it will be easier to go with them. However, we believe that there are many good reasons why going local can help make your trip even more special.

Here are some great reasons why you should choose a local Myanmar travel agency, and how to make sure you choose the perfect company.

We love Myanmar

Most international tour companies run tours all over the world, or at least all over Asia. This means that their efforts and enthusiasm are spread out over many different destinations. While we’re sure they really do love Myanmar (it’s hard not to!), they are not focussed only on it.

Local Myanmar travel agencies like Pro Niti Travel, by contrast, love Myanmar and only offer tours around our country. We absolutely adore showing visitors around and helping them to experience the Myanmar we know and love. It is our privilege to help make your dream Myanmar experience a reality.

Local knowledge

Similarly, because we are locals, we know all of the little secret gems that are not usually found in guidebooks or huge tours. We have spent our whole lives in Myanmar, and this has given us the knowledge of our country and all it has to offer. From bustling local markets to tiny hole-in-the-wall family restaurants, we know so many special places that we can share with you.

It’s not just the places and attractions that we know about, either. We also grew up immersed in the culture and customs of Myanmar, hearing stories about life in Myanmar now and in the past. We can authentically share these experiences with you so that you will have a more genuine and enriching experience.

We also love answering your questions and helping you get the most out of your stay in Myanmar. As we know so much about our country, we will be thrilled to share it with you!

The personalized approach

Major international tour operators see thousands and thousands of travelers every year, as they head off to destinations all over the world. Most local tour operators are much smaller, meaning that we get to know and remember every guest who travels with us. We pride ourselves on treating all of our guests like friends.

Small, local travel operators are generally in the tourism industry because they love Myanmar and tourism – at least that’s definitely the case with Pro Niti Travel! We genuinely enjoy getting to know all of our guests and helping to personalize their experience in Myanmar.

Because we are a small, hands-on team – we have the time and the flexibility to do this. From helping add extra fun stops to your itinerary to chatting to you about your life and interests, we make sure everyone has a personalized experience.

Keep the tourist spending in Myanmar

One issue with large international tour companies is that often a large portion of their profits leave Myanmar. While some tour operators do employ local guides, a large amount of the fees paid for the tour are still likely to leave the country. This can limit the amount of economic benefit that Myanmar sees from such tours.

You may be aware that Myanmar is a country where many people are living in the poverty cycle, or struggling to find economic opportunity. By supporting local tour operators, there is a flow-on effect as we then support local businesses and employ local people. Plus, all of those people then continue to spend their money in Myanmar.

Some organizations, like Pro Niti Travel, even take it a step further and provide philanthropic support to community development organizations.

Some tips for safety and trust

Some visitors to Myanmar may be concerned about the safety and security of using a smaller tour company. We are pleased to assure you that there are many ways that you can ensure that a local Myanmar travel agency is trustworthy.

One of the best ways to determine this is to look at the company’s past reviews. Nowadays with TripAdvisor and Google Reviews, it is so easy to take a look at other travelers’ experiences.

You can also look at the company’s membership of professional bodies. Membership of these groups shows a commitment to providing industry-leading, high-quality services. Some groups in Myanmar include:

Finally, have a browse of the operator’s website and ask questions if you have them. This kind of communication will give you a real feel for the operator and their approach. Trust your instincts, and choose a local Myanmar travel agency that you feel confident about.

With all this in mind, you are sure to have an amazing, authentic experience in beautiful Myanmar.