A visit to our country is just one of the good ways to relax your mind and make the peace while you create the entire trip memorable. Lush and green landscapes, unique and native flora and fauna are always creating our land as remarkable one even in rainy season. The places where almost every guest would like to visit are also likely to be beautiful. Despite the heavy rain sometimes, preventing the baking heat of the sun will making the things around your visited area looking nicer than you expected. And there is one of the luck that is you can have no queue as there are fewer tourists in touristy places for catching your memories of the places. So you don’t need to avoid the crowds of other tourists and freely enjoy by sharing the iconic sights of the serenity.


Bagan in Green season

What is the accommodation like? During the green season and the rainy season, you may save the money for accommodation and you have many options to consider the hotels because you can secure the best rooms in your favorite hotels and also choose the guides according to your preferences. Furthermore, almost all hotels provide special offers with good promotions and thus taking advantage of these will give you higher quality with an excellent value for money. As of it, there would be a massive difference compared to the peak season rate.

boat trip around saddan cave

Boating near Saddan Cave, Hpa-an Myanmar

Also, the features of the scenery are one attraction and reason of your trip. You may have the opportunity to explore river, lakes, and waterfalls which are all nearly full of water levels and see the flowers in blossom. And you can enjoy the attractive and natural things in the green of the countryside. Next, water-based activities are more in trend again, for example, the kayaking and fishing are the interesting things to do in a green season. The lakes are more spectacular and the rivers are more navigable as well. What is more, as one activity of the farmers, they choose to plow their fields or prepare their terraces and it can be seen in Shan region such as Pindaya, Kalaw, Keng Tung.

monk amarapura

Monks at Amarapura, Mandalay

In the middle region or dry zone (Bagan and Mandalay) of our country, it is not as rainy as you think and the weather is neither too hot in dry zone nor too cold in the mountainous region. In Yangon, the touristy place, there may be a capricious rain followed by a glorious sun although some days are non-stop drizzle. In Inle Lake, there may be heavy rain sometimes and you can enjoy the beautiful green sceneries of surrounding while you are in biking activity if you like.

nan pan , inle lake

Nam Pan, Inle Lake, Myanmar

In conclusion, come and make more friends in here and don’t miss the opportunity to create your treasured memories even if it is in green season or rainy season. The green Myanmar is waiting for you to stay in your memories lifetime.

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