Do you want to experience the best treasure in your next vacation? Then we think Myanmar could be the best place to spend some quality time with your family. We have seen many travellers coming here to explore the beautiful place with extreme enthusiasm. There are many luxury river cruises in Myanmar for the visitors starting from the high mountains to the deep seas. Cruise trips are the most popular travelling option for tourist. It depends on the budget, time, and interest that which cruise trip will be best feasible for you.  

Top 5 Luxury Cruise Experience at Myanmar:

Amata Cruises:

To experience the luxurious, unique, and unforgettable experience of cruise ships, one can choose the Amata cruise to get fully Luxury travel Myanmar experience. One can start the journey by seeing the view at the riverbank village. The Irrawaddy Dolphin show will the most interesting show for the kids. It will be the best choice for travellers to choose Amata cruises because there are a lot of things to do and explore. 

Myanmar Luxury River Cruie

Amata River Cruise

Burma boating:

One can see the views of the big river and sea at Burma Boating. Tourists here love to experience the ultimate Archipelago adventure of boating. Burma Boating is the best sailing vacation for travelers in Myanmar. Boating in the private yachts will help to get the luxurious adventure for all the travelers. It will be a perfect 4 days & 3 night trip for you. One can book the tickets now for the next vacations. If you want to check Bruma Boating’s Tour Programs, just click right here.

Myanmar Luxury Cruise

Burma Boating Cruise

RV Paukan:

RV Paukan is providing a world-class experience for the traveler to begin the journey from Bengal and go up till Royal Mandalay. We help our readers to find a relaxed, comfortable, and memorable 3 days trip with superior comfort. Enjoying on a colonial-style boat will be an add-on for the travelers.  The destinations covered during the trip are Yandabo village with a fantastic authentic experience, listening to local poetry of people. Also, exploring the lifestyle, the people are spending in the village and spending some time with them. If you want to see tour programs by RV Paukan, just click right here.

Myanmar Luxury River Cruise

RV Paukan Cruise

Island Safaris:

Do you love hunting and fishing? If yes, then this Island Safari experience will be the most memorable moment of your life. One can visit there with their family or friends. There are two fishing and hunting lodges, air charter services, big Pelley, and many more things for the tourists. One can choose the best package of hunting and fishing from the offers or make a combo package for the same. Try this place on your next vacation. 

Mergui Princess:

Mergui Princess Cruise is organizing a tour to the island to enjoy, hooping, and diving. There are multiple packages available to explore the place. 4 days 3 nights, 3 days 2 nights, 5 days 4 nights, and many more packages are available to explore the beautiful place. The places included in the trip are Kawthaung, Taung La Bo, Tar Yar Island, Thay Yaee Island, Kyun Phila, and a few more beautiful destinations. 

Myanmar Luxury River Cruise

Mergui Princess Cruise

Hence, these five trips OF Myanmar cruises that would be the best options for the travelers for the next vacation. 

Shopping & Food:

The most enjoyable and exciting thing for travelers is shopping and the local delicacies. Eating food prepared by the experienced vendors and then exploring the unexplored delicacies of the place will be enjoyable.

Also, you can have dinner at high-end restaurants to experience the world-class cuisine and the dishes prepared by the chefs. Along with this having a glass of drink while sitting on the couch at your room will be most relaxing.

Experiencing Luxury travel Myanmar will be a pleasure:

Here are the reasons that show why Myanmar cruise trips are best:

Myanmar Luxury cruises are one place with all the comfort and relaxation during the travel. You are getting a chance to experience the most recommendable services of Myanmar. The culture, local people, and the lifestyle is the most beautiful thing on the Islands. Adventurous activities are also available for the traveler to enjoy the trip. Finishing, diving, hunting, and many more activities are included during the trip. It is the best place to be explored with your family or friends.


Hence, all these things together make Myanmar the best place to travel. Explore the place with your family & friends. Contact the best travel guide who could help you with all the things smoothly. 

Explore Myanmar to the fullest:

The journey will be most exciting and thrilling for every traveler in Luxury river cruises in Myanmar. The high mountains and vast sea’s along with the beautiful scenic views while sailing are memorable. One can contact an online travel agent to book the whole trip. They are the best option to provide you with the itinerary, which is appropriately arranged. Hence, this trip is most recommended by tourists. Can’t wait to see all of our cruise programs, you can see them here!