If you’ve ever dreamt of discovering a hidden-away secret paradise, then you’d best read on about magical Dawei. Also known as Tovar, this beautiful destination in Myanmar is flying under most travelers’ radars – at least for now. We predict it’s only a matter of time before its hearty charms tempt many more to come to visit!

So what’s so special about this town in south-eastern Myanmar? In many ways, it offers the best of Myanmar and travel in general – fabulous cuisine, spectacular scenery and the chance to really get to know another culture and place.

Dawei also offers many unique things to do and see. Whether you’re the kind of traveler who likes a full itinerary of things to experience, if you prefer slow travel – you’re sure to love the things to do in Dawei.

Convinced yet? Let’s take a closer look at the things to do in Dawei, just in case.

Beach days

No visit to Dawei is complete without enjoying some time at the beach. With plenty of pristine coastlines around, there’s no doubt that enjoying the sun, sand, and surf is one of the best things to do in Dawei.

As this part of Myanmar remains a hidden gem, the coast is totally unspoiled and absolutely glorious. Whether your idea of the perfect beach day is cozying up on the sand with a book, or perhaps going for a swim – you’ll love the beaches around Dawei.

Two of the most beautiful beaches are Nabule Beach, Teyzit Beach and Maungmagan Beach. With soft white sand, turquoise water and leafy green trees nearby, you’ll definitely need to fit a few lazy beach days into your stay at Dawei.

Beach in Dawei



Tourism remains a growing industry around Dawei, but one industry that’s existed for centuries is fishing. It’s no surprise, then, that there are many skilled fishermen around Dawei – and plenty of delicious, fresh seafood.

For a unique and fun activity in Dawei, why not join a tour and let a local fisherman introduce you to the traditional way of catching fish? Not only will you have lots of fun and gain an insight into the local culture, but you might also end up with a seriously delicious lunch!

There’s no need to have any experience, although keen anglers are also welcome!

Beach Picnic

What do you get when you. Have beautiful beaches and plenty of delicious food? The perfect setting for an amazing beach picnic, of course! There’s no better setting to try some local delicacies than at one of the beautiful beaches.

As Dawei’s beaches aren’t too crowded, there’s plenty of room to enjoy the beautiful setting. Many local hotels, restaurants, and tours will happily arrange for you and your partner or friends to have an unforgettable beach picnic.

Tours in Dawei, Myanmar

Beach Picnic at Unspoiled Place (Credit-Peter Richards)

Learn about Dawei Culture

It’s no secret that one of the most exciting things about visiting Myanmar is the chance to learn about the country’s rich and varied culture. With more than 135 recognized ethnic groups in Myanmar, there is a rich tapestry of traditions and culture.

One of those cultural groups is the Dawei, who (as you’d expect) live in the Dawei region of Myanmar. This group has a proud and rich history, and many of their own unique customs, cultural practices and beliefs.

When you visit Dawei, you can have the opportunity to learn about this culture all while supporting the communities in the local area. Through sustainable and respectful tourism, you can participate in genuine cultural exchange.

Activities like homestays and guided walks are wonderful things to do in Dawei, and allow you to learn about and experience the local culture.

Try traditional food

We’ve already mentioned the amazing seafood that’s on offer in and around Dawei. It’s scrumptiously fresh and prepared using traditional methods that make the flavors really shine. You definitely can’t miss a delicious seafood feast while visiting Dawei, Myanmar!

That’s just one of the amazing tastes on offer, however. As with all of Myanmar, you’ll find an abundance of delicious and unique dishes to try while in Dawei. Many of the best restaurants are humble in character, but offer up dishes to totally tantalize your tastebuds.

One of the best things about the cuisine in Dawei is that it’s also vegetarian-friendly. One popular dish is called Hlan Hlan Hnan, and we promise it will be one of the best salads you’ve ever tasted!

Myanmar Seafood

Enjoy the Authentic Local Seafood

Cooking class

There’s much more to food than simply enjoying a nice meal. Food can be an expression of culture, something to share with your loved ones, and a reminder of a special memory or place. That’s why we think that learning to cook traditional food is one of the best things to do in Dawei!

With a traditional cooking class, you’ll learn about local culture and history as you craft a delicious meal. As you cook, you’re sure to engage in a fascinating conversation with your teacher as well as fellow travelers.

Best of all, you’ll learn how to prepare an amazing meal. Not only can you impress your friends at your next dinner party, but you’ll also be transported right back to Dawei every time you taste it!

Hike nature trails

The beaches alone are enough to make Dawei an incredibly special place… but they’re just one part of the natural beauty of the area. If you head inland from the coast, you’ll also find many amazing hiking and walking trails.

Hikers will love Dawei as it presents the opportunity to meander through unique and unspoiled landscapes. Along the way, you’ll pass by small traditional villages as well as hidden gems like glass-clear rivers.

With a variety of trails and paths available, everyone from experienced hikers to total novices are welcome to enjoy the beautiful surrounds. We do recommend going with an experienced guide, who can help point out special places – and make sure you don’t get lost!

Myanmar Trekking Tours in Dawei

Trekking Experience with Locals

Enjoy a natural spa

Visiting Dawei is good for the soul – and it’s not just because of the beautiful beaches and warm and welcoming people (although that helps too!). Dawei also boasts many natural features that make it a natural spa.

The area around Dawei produces a sought-after natural skincare cream called Thanakha. You’ll find various places where you can give it a try, and even bring some home as a gift or souvenir.

Dawei is also home to a restorative ‘barefoot spa’. Here, you can enjoy the healing properties of plants and techniques that have been used in Myanmar for centuries. It’s perfect if you’re looking for a special treat or a way to pamper yourself while enjoying the beauty and cultural richness of Dawei.

Natural Foot Spa

Relax at Foot Spa of Dawei

Visit some beautiful pagodas

Throughout all of Myanmar, you will see much evidence of the nation’s devotion to Buddhism – and Dawei is no exception. Throughout the area, there are many beautiful buildings that have been built as an expression of faith and culture. Exploring them is truly wonderful.

There’s Myaw Yit Pagoda, which is one of the most unique and picturesque in Myanmar (and there are many picturesque pagodas in Myanmar!). This gorgeous temple is located on a small island out from the south of Maungmagan Beach, and it’s one of the best places to go in Dawei.

There’s also the Shwe Thalyaung Pagoda with its beautiful reclining Buddha, along with Payagi, the main Buddhist Monastery which is also sometimes called simply the ‘Big Pagoda’.

Shop at the market

It’s great to visit many of the wonderful Dawei attractions, but it’s also fabulous to get a little slice of local life as well. Aside from visiting the pagodas, another way to walk in the shoes of a Dawei local is to swing by the market for a spot of shopping (and people watching!).

The main market in Dawei is the Si Pin Tharyar Zei market in town. This is where many local people buy their fresh fruit and vegetables, and you can try some delicious fresh snacks as well. If you’re lucky, you might even find zin thi, which is a special fruit that only grows around Dawei.

Near the market, you’ll also find vendors selling beautiful handicrafts. Don’t be afraid to do a little bit of haggling (always with a smile!) so that you can take home the perfect souvenir to remind you of all the amazing things you did in Dawei.

Pro Niti Travel is thrilled to offer excursions to Dawei, in conjunction with local communities. Our tours are authentic, exciting, and directly support local people through sustainable tourism. Contact us today to craft a unique and exciting excursion to Dawei today! Send mails to  [email protected] and we will contact you within 24 hours.