At Pro Niti Travel, we are proud to have been providing amazing experiences in Myanmar since 2013. Since we began, we’ve been helping visitors to Myanmar experience authentic culture, and create memories that will last a lifetime.

We’ve listened to the feedback from our guests and those interested in travelling to Myanmar. As a result, we’ve decided to launch Myanmar small group tours. These small group adventures will introduce travellers to the best of Myanmar, as part of a group of travellers departing on a set day, with a set itinerary.

We have carefully considered our itineraries to ensure that we are offering our guests a variety of incredible experiences in Myanmar.

We hope that this will allow even more people to experience the beauty and richness of Myanmar, and we are so looking forward to welcoming guests to experience these adventures with us.

Why choose Myanmar Small Group Tours?

There are many similarities between our small group adventures in Myanmar, and our existing itineraries. However, there are also a few unique reasons why you may like to choose a small group tour in Myanmar.

Meet other travellers

Our small group adventures are ideal for those who are travelling to Myanmar alone or as part of a small group. As our adventures have set departure dates, you will generally find yourself joining a group of other travellers.

This means you will have the opportunity to experience Myanmar not only with Pro Niti Travel’s experienced team but also with other like-minded travellers. Due to our commitment to providing authentic and sustainable tours, the travellers on our small group adventures are likely to share values and, by the end of the tour, will also have shared experiences.

We look forward to helping you create lifelong friendships, not only with the local people of Myanmar but with the other travellers on your tour.

Value for money

Pro Niti Travel has always aimed to provide great value adventures in Myanmar, but we understand that there are all different budgets. Small group adventures allow for you to join a larger group, meaning that they can be a more affordable option than private, custom tours.

We want everyone to experience the magic and wonder of Myanmar, no matter your budget. We hope that our new small group option will provide a more affordable option for travellers, including groups and solo visitors.

While our tours present good value for money, we are proud to present a high-quality experience for everyone. We will ensure that you enjoy the best that Myanmar has to offer, no matter your budget.

What will Pro Niti Travel’s small group adventures be like?

We are so proud of the feedback that we have received on our approach at Pro Niti Travel, and we will be bringing all of the same values to our small group adventures. Let’s take a closer look at exactly what it will be like to tour Myanmar with us, as part of a small group.

Authentic experiences

As a proudly local company, we are able to provide authentic experiences for our guests. We believe in genuine cultural exchange, where both local communities and our guests are enriched by the tourism industry.

At Pro Niti Travel, not only do we introduce our guests to Myanmar’s most famous, beautiful and significant sites, but also to our culture. We love enabling our guests to experience Myanmar through experiences like visiting traditional villages and workshops where artists create beautiful and authentic artworks.

With our small group adventures, you can expect to create the same amazing memories throughout Myanmar. From seeing the most iconic and beautiful sights to connecting with local people on a personal level, it’s the same authentic experiences and memories.

Peace of mind

Like with our customised itineraries, the benefit of choosing a Myanmar group tour is that you will have the benefit of our experts to help plan your trip. You will never feel like you are on your own; we will put together an incredible tour, and also be on-hand to assist with any questions you might have.

As experts in providing tours of Myanmar – and locals – we are used to navigating through all of the practicalities. This means that you can entrust us to arrange all the “boring bits”, while you can simply enjoy your dream experience in beautiful Myanmar.

Plus, our experience means that we can easily respond should anything unexpected arise during your stay, ensuring that your holiday is not disrupted. If you travel independently, you’re on your own – which could mean that you miss out on valuable travel time trying to sort out unexpected hiccups. With us, you’ll simply need to focus on making the most of your time in amazing Myanmar.

Variety and diversity

Myanmar is an incredibly rich and diverse destination. From the sandy beaches to the foliage-covered hills, there are so many amazing places to experience. Then, there are many festivals and cultural events that showcase the incredible richness of the different cultural groups in Myanmar.

Travelling through these places can be a challenge without the benefit of an experienced guide (Our Chief Memories Creators). There can be practicalities in terms of visiting more remote regions, including language barriers and cultural norms.

With our small group adventures, you will have the benefit of our knowledge and local guides. It is with great joy that we allow our guests to experience parts of Myanmar that are often inaccessible by independent travellers. As proud local people, we are able to help introduce you to the places we know and love, and assist you to really experience the local culture.

We also know that our guests, too, are unique and diverse – and that every visitor to Myanmar has different interests. Our small group adventures will be varied and interesting, just like our guests. This means that whether you love the culture, history, food or nature (or all of the above), there is bound to be a tour that is just perfect for you.

Ethical and Responsible travel

We have made sustainable and ethical travel in Myanmar a core part and guiding principle of our business, and it is something that you can also expect to experience with our small group adventures.

It can be difficult to navigate all the information available and make ethical decisions about your travel on your own. On the other hand, if you travel with us, you can be confident that we have already vetted everyone we work with. This means that you can feel totally secure that you will be positively impacting Myanmar, as well as having an amazing holiday.

From our own staff to the communities we visit, the land we walk on and the animals of Myanmar – we carefully ensure that tourism enriches everybody, and is never harmful. By choosing our group tours, you are choosing to be a conscious visitor to Myanmar.

Personalised, small-group approach

You may be concerned that a group tour in Myanmar means giving up all personalisation and flexibility. Don’t worry! We understand that all of our guests are individuals, and look forward to assisting everyone on an individual level.

Of course, a small group adventure means travelling as part of a scheduled tour, where we have a set itinerary and departure. However, we will be available to provide personalised assistance to our travellers – helping you to find the perfect tour for you and your interests, and suggesting extensions that can help add that little bit extra to your time in Myanmar.

It has long been our approach that we treat everyone like our own friends, and this is certainly the case for each of our guests on our small group adventures. We want to ensure that every single person has the holiday of a lifetime, and we will do all we can to make that happen.

We also recognise that to make sure our tours are personal and sustainable, it’s important that small group really means small group. The maximum number of guests on our tours will be 10, which allows every person to receive individual attention. Do you have any questions to test our tour guide? Trust us, you’ll have every opportunity to ask them!

When will Pro Niti Travel’s Myanmar small group tours begin?

We hope that you are as excited as we are by the introduction of our small group adventures in Myanmar. We are looking forward to welcoming new guests and visitors to our beautiful country and helping you to experience the real Myanmar.

Our group tours will be launching on our website in April this year, with departures beginning from June. Explore our Small Group Adventures date here.

We are expecting our small group adventures to be quite popular, and we do plan on keeping group sizes small. As a result, we recommend booking as soon as you can so that you can secure your preferred date.

If you have any questions or would like more information about our tours, we’d love to hear from you and assist you to start planning your dream adventure in Myanmar.