Now that you are ready to visit our beautiful country with its cultural diversity, ancient history, YOLO experiences such as ballooning over Bagan, relaxation at beautiful beaches, and adventure treks to explore the scenic landscape and hill tribes, here are what you should pack for your Myanmar travels.

Stomach tablets

Myanmar is a developing country so food hygiene is not always up to the standards of developed countries. Thi is particularly true for street food and some local restaurants. However, our guides will attempt to bring you to the best and safest restaurants possible.
Laphet Thoke

Laphet Thoke (Tea leaves salad)

Insect spray

Most of Myanmar lies in a tropical region, so if you are afraid of insects such as mosquitoes, then don’t forget the mozzie spray.

A Headlamp

Myanmar is now more developing and with fewer power cuts than a few years ago. However, power cuts still happen, especially in rural areas. Moreover, if you like to venture out in the dark, then make sure to carry your headlamp.
what to pack for myanmar

Sunset in Magical Bagan, Myanmar

Comfortable but culturally sensitive clothes

Myanmar is a country of with a strong Buddhist culture. Many places you will visit will not allow you to wear short pants or short skirts or showing too much flesh anywhere such as bare shoulders. Pack clothes that would cover your shoulders and knees. For hiking, you can dress more relaxed but again don’t bare too much as we visit conservative but very friendly, villages.

Flip-flops (thongs) or sandals

When visiting religious sites, monasteries, or local homes, you need to take off your shoes. Much easier to remove flip-flops than boots. Don’t forget the hiking shoes, too if you are trip include trekking/hiking.
what to pack for myanmar

Sunscreen and a hat

Even if you are visiting during the winter season, the temperature will be around 20 TO 25 degrees Celsius and the sun can be brutal. Bring sunscreen and a hat that to protect your skin. We will provide water bottle for free.

Some warm clothes

Night buses are often air-conditioned to arctic temperatures so better pack a light sweater to keep you warm. Moreover, in some areas such as the far north and around Inle Lake area, it can get quite cool. Winter months are December to till the end of February and many destinations get very cool at night.
mahagandayon monastery

Monks at Mahagandayon monastery, Amarapura

Fresh cash (Major currencies such as USD and EURO in great condition)

Until recently, tourists had to change foreign currency on the black market. Nowadays, you can charge money in official exchanges shops or banks at the airports or in major destinations. Torn, stained or old notes may be rejected or possibly accepted at a much-reduced exchange rate. Best to bring fresh money.
foreign currency

Foreign Currency

Anything else? If you have been to Myanmar, let us know what other items you feel are indispensable for tourists.
Happy travels in Myanmar. We know you will love it. Have questions about Myanmar, please write to us.  If you like to customize your travel to Myanmar, just give a shout here.
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