What would be your first thought if you are doing research for your trip to our country to do something a bit different on this journey. If so, I bet you would first think is to make the trekking by keeping in touch with the heartwarming locals to get the unique experiences. People who want to make the trekking usually come to Myanmar to take adventure treks and homestay are mostly keen to choose the most popular trekking places. So, we would like to lead you to the expeditions to 5 best places for trekking in Myanmar. These are the kind of cool places such as Keng-Tung, Hsipaw, Kalaw, Inle Lake and Chin state and will be the sense of mixing around with the locals as a result.

Keng Tung

Akhu woman near keng tung

Akhu woman near Keng Tung

Keng Tung is one of the most popular expeditions in Myanmar even if you choose short or long trekking and walking. Visiting picturesque hill tribal villages by short trekking can memorize your trekking trip as the fascinating one. During your trekking through the stunning hillside, you may have the chance of visiting hill tribes such as Lahu, Akha, Lamone, Shan and so on.

By getting to and from each village, you can observe their unique, different costumes and beliefs of various tribes. The rubber plantation and seasonal cultivation fields will be the fascinating and eye-catching view, and the hill tribe’s geographical location and the authenticity of their lifestyle will be the main attraction of Keng Tung Tour. You can see the traditional Tribes with their colorful dresses that create their places a unique charm. Besides, on the way of your trekking, you have to pass the beautiful scenery through forests, terraced rice fields and you will have several stops to visit different villages.

You can exposure their daily lives in the rural areas and enjoy the magnificent view of the surrounding area of a temperate climate. At least, some travelers who want to make short trekking to visit different picturesque hill tribal villages can spend their time on the portion of Keng Tung. The tribal communities of Kengtung remain unchanged as they have for centuries and it is also the one you are finding for your short trekking with much impact.


kalaw trekking

Trekking around Kalaw

As you may know, Kalaw is famous as a former old British Hill station with colonial buildings and trekking paradise for nature lovers. A three-day trek through Myanmar’s Hill country from the town of Kalaw to Inle Lake would be the great experience to taste hilly regions and adventure trek. Or you can try day return and long trekking around Kalaw. To escape the heat of the sun, you can walk through the boreal forest by passing new the tea plantations. “The Viewpoint” where you can have the stunning view over rice paddies towards mountains in the distance is one attraction of the trekking trail in Kalaw.

During the trekking days, the scenery will be full of all farmland of the local villagers and offer you a spectacular view of the surrounding. So the lush landscape with enjoyable stunning views of the valleys(during the month of October to March) will attract you to continue your trail after. Along your path, you can take the photos of the changing landscape and inspect the local wildlife. Likewise, the local villagers will be incredibly gracious people to the travelers.And the interaction with them by exploring to their farmhouses, organic gardens, and their villages is one main reason of every traveler to learn more about the hill tribes’ lifestyles in the closer way.

Although you may think that some treks are hard, it will be an amazing experience to get away from the towns and roads by trying an easy trekking or walking in Kalaw. Besides, Kalaw is one of the most popular sites in Myanmar, and so you can have a designated trekking tour for your travel memories.

Inle Lake

inle local people

Locals working near the Inle Lake

Inle Lake is well known as ‘the Venice of the East,’ and it is always in the visitors’ bucket lists’ to witness the beauty of the lake with traditional leg rowers, floating gardens, floating markets and traditional fishing style. Indeed, Inle Lake has a lot more to amaze you with different exciting activities such as biking, horse riding or trekking. Some visitors connect Kalaw and Inle Lake with trekking routes between ethnic villages like Pa-Oh, Inn Thar, Palaung, and Danu.

If you would like to experience the beautiful trek without getting to Kalaw, you have choices to do trekking in or around Inle Lake. On the western bank of the lake, you can do 1D2N, 2D3N or day return soft trek by adding a hot spring relaxation at Khaung Dai Hot Spring. Through the tribal villages, you can feel the colorful landscapes covered by bamboo forests, vegetation, and sunflowers as magical views. Plus, you can learn about how they grow chili, garlic, sesame in the traditional way and know more of rural living of the tribes. The handicrafts workshops like bronze casting and wood carving are the attractions to stop you and so take some refreshment nearby.

You can also trek the villages along the eastern bank of the lake whether soft trek or long trek. If you are concerned about the community, you can trek to CBT (Community Based Tourism) area. From Phayartaung, a trekking point, exploring the southern part of the lake will be full of the pottery villages, soap-making villages, water spring and dramatic caves. Along the trekking way, it is a chance to experience the cheroot-leaves plantation, wild orchid growing, and tea-leaves plantation. Whether western portion or the South-eastern part of the lake you will make trekking at, the view from where you get to and the sense that you will have will be the better part of your trek excursions.


gote hteik viaduct

Gote Hteik viaduct, way to Hsipaw

The town of Hsipaw is situated in the Shan state of Myanmar, and now it becomes a light trekking hotspot for some travelers. Hsipaw offers a taste of real Burmese village life and some beautiful trekking routes in the surrounding countryside. If you would like to take short trekking to learn interesting things of Shan village, the cool villagers, lovely scenery with the mountain, valley and fruit plantations around the trekking trail will encourage your interest to visit Hsipaw.

Almost all villages have typical houses with a small charming garden and fruit farms. So during your trek days, you can explore the villages by visiting the villagers’ families and checking out their way of life. The houses in the village were mostly constructed of bamboo and cement. Even if you are trying to chill inside the house one after another, the villagers are warmly welcome to you with the charming smile. While you are in the homestay, you will have the serving of delicious and traditional foods. The next thing is “Sunset Hill” that is the peak attracts significant numbers of trekkers and offers the panoramic view of the countryside.

The most interesting feature of some villages is the curious children you may find hanging around the yard and the street. The trek round His paw is relatively easy, and you will find only the fewer temples, ancient ruins or cultural theaters. It is the best place to see the real lifestyles of the locals and their agricultural habits. And you can reach there by taking a train over the Goteik Viaduct.

Chin State

chin woman

Chin Woman near Mindat

Chin state is one of the good trekking places that you should notice if you aim to do some trekking in Myanmar. Impressive mountains, beautiful sceneries, and exotic tattooed ethics are always the keys to wander around the Chin Hill, and so you will have more authentic experiences. Natma Taung (Mt. Victoria) is the crucial place where almost all travelers are keen to do trekking. Since the trekking way is an elevated path, it is easier for you to make the hiking. It is part of the chin hill range and trekking up to Mt. Victoria is a great adventure while you visit the Chin Tribe.

During the trekking, you can observe the life of the Chin Tribe and will come across some breathtaking scenery and many wild orchids, colorful Rhododendrons flowers (Taung-Za-Lat), and several wildflowers and lush jungle with colorful butterflies. Mostly the Chin women who wear tattoos on their faces and amber necklaces can be seen in that region. The trekking trails are quite rough and well famous for the travelers who prefer off-the-beaten-track. At some tribal villages, you will have the pleasure to experience a performance on the nose-flute by the Chin women. While trekking, you can enjoy the eye-catching scenery with great views and interesting flora.

Because the views are stunning and some great stones are made according to their spiritual beliefs and superstitions. So you can observe some aspects of their culture, customs, lifestyles, and traditions, and enjoy the nature. The beauty of Mt. Victoria is awesome, and it will be the highlight of your trek way. So you will enjoy yourself for such a fun and informative trek in Chin state and imagine what your trekking day would be.

Well, now you reach the right place to search the necessary information for the trek and hike in Myanmar. If you are looking for more travel experiences involving an authentic jungle trek, village immersion and a taste of the real hill tribes, surely, this blog would be helpful for you. And so you are ready to settle on the trekking trip in Myanmar by learning about the hill tribes and staying with their families during the homestay as long as you plan.

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