Dawei is a tranquil tropical town set in Myanmar, with an abundance of beautiful beaches in the surrounding area. An outstanding place to visit when coming to Myanmar. It includes a long history of trade and stunning colonial architecture to explore, with a variety of styles from wooden to thatched and some brick Dawei will not fail to disappoint. The main Pagoda in the vicinity is the Shwe Taung Zar Pagoda and is situated in an intriguing quaint complex. It has a lovely little work form the main town which cannot be missed. The busy but great Si Pin Tharyar markets are a good visit in the center of the town and are found opposite each other. An unusual activity that might not be your traditional thing to do, is the Cooking classes and relaxing massages that take place at Ayinsa. Take a moment to relax here with some gorgeous gardens that enrobe the extraordinary building. One of the highlights of your trip to Dawei will be visiting the Maungmagan beach. It is 12 km west of the town and is in an outstanding location with hills rising high immediately after the shoreline. There are also some nice fresh seafood restaurants lining the beach. If you walk 30 minutes south you will discover a small fishing village full of life with a charming little harbor nestled in the middle. The beach is very different from the more tourist-focused beaches allowing you to have a more relaxing time and watch the practices that the locals proceed to do such as bathing practices. However, you can go to some more rural nearly untouched beaches which stretch across the coastline as Maungmagan can get sometimes busy in the peak season when tourists start to arrive, and litter can build up. So, the low season is the best time to visit.