Sittwe is found at the mouth of the Kaladan River which flows into the Bay of Bengal. It is a port city and was an important trading ground in the colonial era. It is the stop off point for most tourists when travelling to Mrauk U and a very safe city to travel too like many other cities in Myanmar. It has a diverse variety of things ranging from beautiful sea views to markets and spicy local dishes. The cities central market is easily recognizable by the now out of use clock tower. You do not have to buy anything from here but it just enjoyable to soak up the atmosphere and contrasts the not too distant quite jetty facing towards the bay. One of the most popular views is the Viewpoint. As in the name, it offers a fantastic beautiful view comprising both the end of the river and sea. You can hang around here at sunset to see the wonderful sunset with sometimes some of the most vivid colors being formed. It is located a few km south of the city but is worthwhile, especially for a picture! The Sittwe beach, immediately to the west of the View Point has dark sand anyhow it is good for swimming. Try to visit here in the day as you do not want to do the long walk in the dark and tuk-tuks do not stay around for long. As you probably will expect there are many monasteries and pagodas in Sittwe, the most famous of which is the Shwe Zedi Kyaung. It is a beautiful building and most likely the monks will welcome you in as they are happy to show you around. There are many nice restaurants around the town that stock a variety of freshly caught seafood but also other Rakhine dishes.